Do you want a kelly, birkin or Constance?

  1. My question is how many people would buy one if they had the opportunity to purchase one without having a purchase history? Catch is you would have to settle for whatever they currently have as opposed to waiting for your desired color and size.
  2. Birkin!
  3. birkin
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  4. Kelly !
  5. Constance - reason being it will most likely be a 24 or 18 so I think I can live with both sizes be it muted or neon bright colors. Bright colored should purses can be cute and versatile to style.

    Conversely- I don’t think I can live with a B35 or K32 in glaringly bright colors.
  6. The question suggests buying for a status symbol with no reference to how or when you might use it. I hope the answer would be, No.
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  7. Kelly for sure! Just because I can carry it sans hands and definitely need that flexibility when one has an 18 month old..
  8. The Kelly. :heart::loveeyes::panic:
  9. None. I want exactly the specs I choose.
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  10. I'd take a birkin...
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  11. Without a choice in color or size, I would opt for a Constance.
  12. Birkin!
  13. birkin
  14. Constance
  15. I was offered 2 years ago an H orange K28 w gold hardware. I don’t wear orange, wear white gold jewelry, and took her anyway. Guess what? She goes with everything in my wardrobe! I had no idea that orange was so versatile! I’m in Florida and so I wear bright colors - think turquoise, yellow, hot pink! But Ms Orange works with all! Can’t explain it, but I love her to bits! And she’s probably my most versatile bag. So, long story short, I guess I go with size over color and hardware. And definitely a Kelly as I live the strap!
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