Do you want a boy or girl?

  1. I know we TTCers are happy with any :p But it doesn't stop me from dreaming...

    My DH and I both want a girl first (one is NOT enough). Girls are little angels w/ the pink tutu skirt, a pair of ballet slippers, and a matching purse! A little ribbon on her hair... :love:

    When she poops, I can hand her over to DH!!!!! :lol:
  2. I and greedy; I want both.

    I want a girl because girls have cuter clothes. Plus we can go shopping together when she gets older.

    I want a boy because I can see how cute it would be for DH to play ball with his son.
  3. How about twins?

    That way we can get pregnancy done FAST! :nuts:
  4. ^be careful what you wish for! I wished for twins and got them, they're a TON of work! LOL!

    You know. . . there's ways of getting the gender you wish :graucho:
  5. I had always wished for two boys and a girl, in that order. I was very lucky, and that is exactly what I got! But toward the end of my last pg, I was rather hoping the ultrasound would be wrong and I would have three boys. I was just used to them! A girl is SUCH a different experience!
  6. Before having kids I wanted a boy and a girl, but wanted the girl first, because I REALLY wanted to have a daughter. But... we had a son.

    Then, we had YEARS of unexplained infertility and since we already had a child, we didn't do any fertility treatments. Finally, I got pregnant and STAYED pregnant and I really didn't care. I was just so thrilled to be having a baby when we thought we couldn't. And... we had boy #2.

    I love having my two boys and the only time I really miss having a daughter is when I think of the name we had picked out for a girl. It's like she was a person that never came to be, if that sentiment even makes sense. I think I'll always hold that name dear to my heart as I wanted it so much, but to have HER would mean giving up one of my sons and that's not happening! LOL
  7. It’s been taking so long to conceive, I just want to be pregnant and have a healthy baby. Having said that, I love boys, and DH girls. The ideal would be to have a girl first then a boy.

    Well, actually having twins (a pair of each) would be great too! Kill 2 birds with a stone.
  8. I don't have a preference .... But I'd love a son who looks like my husband! With red hair and everything.
  9. I don´t care. I see both as blessings.
  10. I wish I have twins, I wish I have twins, I wish I've twins!!!!!

    Swanky, what's the trick to get a girl????? Please tell me, I'd be a good gal :shame: If I get a girl, she will join tPF when she's 3 months, better get her trained early! Is that a deal:okay:
  11. I am 15 weeks so we will find out soon :heart:
    I have a slight preference for boys....don't know why really :confused1:
  12. for a girl do it missionary style
    There's a book about it, it's the Shettles method.
  13. Yes, and I know a whole forum about it and the results are the same 50/50. I followed that site for YEARS... Nope, doesn't work!

    For what it's worth... my youngest boy was conceived AFTER ovulation (like the 12-24 afterwards), NOT in missionary position and he's definitely all boy!

    The only TRUE way to have more of a chance is to go to a clinic that either spins sperm (still not 100%) or to do a type of IVF where they only implant the gender you desire. Yes, there are such places.
  14. I have 3 children. . . it worked for us! ;)
    I heard about it from a friend who used it and it worked for them as well.
  15. Well.... it's not too hard to get it to work for you when you have a 50% chance of it working. It only takes once to say it "didn't work". I've known some CRAZY things people have done to get their preferred gender (from Shettles) and still... nope. There's a site on ivillage all about gender determination.