Do you wait for the bag you love to go on sale?

  1. or do you buy it as soon as you discover it? For me I buy it right away cause even if I know its going to go on sale I know it's a pain to try and find it.
  2. I'm like you...if I love it, I buy it right away. I would hate to wait for it to go on sale and then not be able to find it!

    Not purse related...I saw some really cute garden gargoyles at the Jr. League Showhome Boutique yearsago. Well, I didn't buy them the day I was there but went back the next day...of course, they were gone! I still think how I should have bought them.

    Lesson learned...if I LOVE something...I buy it!
  3. I know I have no luck when it comes to sales. I just buy it and then see it on sale in the next month , clothes, shoes everything
  4. i buy right away!!!!
  5. depends what level of love i am at with the bag. am i lusting? or am i convinced i can't live without it? if it might be the last one with no chance of getting one, yea, i grab it! if there are quite a few and i am not absoutely convinced that i cannot live without it, then i wait a bit...
  6. I always wait a bit because it generally will go on some kind of sale, on eBay or to one off places. If you literally can't stop thinking about it and even dream about it (happens to me sometimes!) then maybe you can take the plunge, but purses generally will go on sale about 20% after being out for a month or so.
  7. unfortunately, LV does not EVER go on sale so i have to buy at full price always. BUT if there was ever a sale, i would wait!
  8. it depends on what bag.. but yes, I do wait for the bags that I buy.. however, most of them do not go on sale (well my H bags at least) but I still find creative ways to get them...
  9. for bags, i don't bother waiting for any sales, i just buy it asap. for clothing like Mango and Zara, sometimes i do wait for sales coz the discounts can be attractive.
  10. I wanna hear these creative ways ..................hehe:graucho:
  11. No I don't...
  12. I'd just bought a Fendi spy when this amazing mcqueen suddenly appaered out of the blue...I waited from july till just befor christmas, when it got on sale. No one seems to like these bags, so I just waited and got it for 595 euros after 5 months of waiting! But is was worth it...
  13. For me, it really depends on the bag. I look around to see if it is on a lot of websites...if it is, I wait because if it goes on sale, you can usually get someone else to price match.
    If it isn't, I buy right away because those tend to disappear fast and not get back in stock (Botkier Bianca concord comes to mind).
  14. I'm all about the sales! I rarely pay full price for anything.
  15. nope, I can't. I'd never get a Chanel I liked if I had tro wait until it went on sale.
    Instead, I limit myself to a new bag once or twice a year.