Do you wait for an item to go on sale?

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  1. I love a bargain but I'm not usually one to find something (in the store, not online) and then watch for it to go on sale. Usually I buy things that are already reduced or maybe I have a coupon for extra savings (e.g. Off 5th extra 30% off). I have my eye on a wallet right now that's a bit more than I want to pay. The style is what I want but the color is not really ideal (just OK). So last two times I've seen it, I've passed on it (after much deliberation). If they get sold without ever being reduced, I may regret it. But if I buy and it's not really the color I want, I don't think I'll really regret it...just won't love it as much as I want to. I'm not good at waiting. I get OCD over an item and then I have to act. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. I always wait for an item to go on sale. That's everything, not just bags. :P It's kind of silly, but I would regret buying a bag only to have it go on sale more than I would missing out on buying a particular bag.
  3. I've learned from my many mistakes in the past, is that if I see something I like, I just buy it. I used to wait until things went on sale only to come back and the item was sold, sold out, or not available at all stores and I've regretted it each and every time. I think I do this more so with bags than clothes because I can pretty much buy clothes anywhere, but when it comes to handbags, not all stores have the exact same one that I want. Just my .02:smile:
  4. If I love something and think that I'm going to regret not getting it then I usually will. If it turns out that it's just "okay" I will either wait for a sale or usually end up returning it :smile:
  5. I'm horrible at waiting. I agree with Louis_gal, if I see something I want, I strike! Better safe than sorry.
  6. It all depends. 95% of the times I wait for it to go on sale but then every once in a while you come across something that you know isn't going to go on sale or you know is not going to last long enough to go on sale. Then I give in and buy full price. I always look for deal though. Like with Tiffany, I try to buy gift certificates from Ebay for a bit cheaper.:shame:
  7. when i see something i really like and feel it's not going to be on sale/not my size during sales etc..i go for it!i've learned over the years not to wait for the sales if i can afford it at retail price. I ve usually ended up with the wrong colour or size or style just cos i thought it was a steal...
  8. I love a bargain but have no good luck, if I wait for a sale the item I want is always sold out.
  9. It depends on the item. If it is something I really want, no, I'm not waiting for a sale. I don't want to risk them either not having it at all or just not having it in my size. I love getting a good deal as much as the next person but I don't really feel that it is critical.
  10. I always tell myself that I should do that (because it has happened to me several times - usually with clothing though, that I bought something full price, only to see it on sale very shortly afterwards). But I usually can't. I get too scared about missing out on the item entirely.

    In other words: I wish I could do that, but if I said I do, I'd be lying...
  11. I normally do wait for sales, I won't feel bad not getting it if it was sold out during sales, there is always something else I can lust after.
  12. If I love something enough that I visit it in the store, then I definitely will pay full price! I hate having to wait and then risk it selling out. If I'm not totally in love then I can wait.....usually.
  13. 95% of the time I do. It's a rare occasion I pay full price.
  14. i like sales, but if it's something that i just *have to have* that minute, I still keep an eye on it for the two weeks after just in case I can get a price adjustment.
    I also avoid buying stuff simply b/c it's on sale or I have a discount code/coupon. Learned the hard way during college after I went on a "but it was on sale" shopping spree & my dad made me work all summer to repay the charges I had made b/c they were "frivolous," which they were, I had sale goggles.
  15. Usually no...but last year I couldn't afford to buy the purple Mulberry Wilton when it came out, and had already spent a lot on bags for one year, so decided I would make myself wait until it went on sale. So I waited. And waited. For about six months. It almost killed me and I almost cracked on many occasions. And then my best friend told me they wouldn't be making it to the sale as they were sold out. :wtf: I then spent over an hour in the Mulberry store while they called around every outlet in the UK trying to find one...

    I got the last available purple Wilton in the UK :yahoo: I am not going to come so close to missing out on a bag I love again!!!

    But if you don't like something enough to pay full price you should wait for the sale...or maybe even look around for something you really love instead...