Do you value bags more than your dental health?

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  1. #1 Mar 22, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
    I work in a dental office, and recently we had a patient who came in with a toothache, she needs a root canal, and also has a few broken fillings which needs to be addressed as well before it's too late. She is carrying everything designer, LV bag, LV wallet, Chanel sunglasses, etc.

    However, the lady only wanted to have basic/temp treatment to get her out of pain and do not want to address the other issues she is having which could potentially lead to something bigger and cost more, because she has to purchase a new wallet.

    Realistically saying, if she can layoff one of the purse for later, she will be able to afford the treatment. I found it hard to understand because as much as I am a Louis Vuitton fan, i will never put off dental treatment first before anything, at the end of day, I would like to keep my teeth as long as possible.

    In her words, she is no longer in pain, she doesn't see why we need to cap it for long term, and she is not going to die from broken fillings.

    I am just wondering do most people not value dental health as it is not life threatening (unlike other medical treatments) and rather spend on purses.
  2. Lol no!! I have had a lot of tooth troubles (root canal, bridge, painful wisdom tooth removal). I would never sacrifice my immediate dental health for a bag. However if I was not in a world of pain now, I would take extra precautions so I could avoid going to the dentist - it's not my favorite place.
  3. No way for me, health (include dental) and my family's health always come first. I guess everyone have different priorities.
  4. No! I plan to to keep my choppers for another 50 years or so (I'm 45 now), therefore, I need them to be in good shape as I enjoy food a lot.
  5. On the bright side, she won't have to worry about her dental health once she has dentures. :P

    I love Louis Vuitton, but it's not a priority - health and financial security are priorities.
  6. What! Got nothing else except that! What!?
  7. Absolutely not! At the first sign of dental discomfort I am at the dentist. And, I hate going! I would sell my entire collection for my health or my family member's health. (And, that includes my pets!)
  8. OMG. Some people are crazy.

    Health > any material item.
  9. +1 Even my furbaby gets yearly health and dental exams.
  10. Mine too! :drinkup:
  11. Oh hellllll noooo!!! Teeth are the most important thing to me..(besides good health) sell everything I had to make sure my dental needs are met. Example, I had a dental implant finally at its last stage which was a total of 8 months it cost me $4k and that's with dental insurance..
  12. I have a horrible anxiety about the dentist and I try to avoid it as much as possible but not for money reason lol .. If it was between my dental health and a purse the dental wins out even with my insane fear of the dentist ...
  13. Ha! No way! Although, I will say I pay around $90 a month for my dental insurance, and it averages out to more than that for LV!:graucho:
  14. The last time I saw my dentist I told him to use the phrase "put your money where your mouth is" in his advertising. Nothing beats a healthy mouth. :biggrin:
  15. #15 Mar 22, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
    I have spent so much at the dentist I'm not even going to type it because it hurts too much, heck I was even at the dentist today! I was afraid for a long time and put it off for that reason, maybe that could be the true reason and the patient doesn't want to admit it. If she is putting it off soley to have money for a new wallet then that's not the smartest move but she kind of seems like it's not a big deal to her for whatever reason anyways.

    I will admit I do think "oh man I could have used this money towards a bag". Like today I spent 120 at dentist and wrote out checks for 300 bucks for doctor copays because I have to spend loads of money on on medical crap too and i kept thinking of LV the entire time even though I'm not even really saving for anything at the moment lol.