Do you use your ZIP CLUTCH as a clutch or a wallet?

  1. Hi Guys,

    I need a new wallet and keep looking at the Cherry Tart Zip Clutch... I am absolutely in love with it:love: but $450 seems like a lot to pay for a wallet:wtf:. It seems a little small to use as a clutch... I'm not sure I could fit ID/creditcards, money, car key, house key, and a lip gloss without messing up the leather from the buldge of the lip gloss... so it would really only be used as a wallet... Thoughts?

  2. I have a black zc and find it fits tons!! I use it as a wallet and lots of times I just grab it and go, easier than lugging the whole bag around! So I use it as both and find it is the greatest thing I have ever owned!:heart::yahoo:
  3. ^^ so true :tup::tup: i fit so much in poor wallet - CC's, receipts, cash, chequebook, pen..the best wallet i have ever owned period!
  4. When I had a Razr, it fit nicely into the zip clutch. My enV is too big though. But I ADORE my zip clutches and use them ALL THE TIME. They fit so much and are probably the most functional wallet I have ever owned. I highly recommend the zip clutch. That is a steep price (I've never paid full price for mine) but I think it will be worth it.
  5. I use it as a wallet. I've had it for one year and it fits everything I take such as credit cards, money receipts and even earrings. LOL I love my zip clutch.
  6.'s an awesome wallet for me.. i can fit my thin mototrola q in it, i don't have a checkbook, but CCs and tons of other items as well as lip gloss, the leather will stretch, but leather stretches so it doesn't look off....i don't believe in paying full price for personal philosophy, so i'd wait till june if i really wanted that zc, i'm gonna wait for the navy or red patchwork too....i've wanted it for a long time
  7. I use it as both. Everyday as a wallet - sometimes as a clutch if i'm going out - it fits my lip gloss, cards, cash, checkbook, and my house key. I've never put my full set of keys in there though.
  8. i mainly use it as a wallet, but i've run errands with just my zc and no purse. i can fit my credit cards, checkbook, receipts, cash, mini subway map, business cards, chapstick, and iphone in there. if i didn't have so many keys, i'm sure that would fit in there too. the zc can be expensive, but you can find some amazing deals on eBay. the cherrytart is gorgeous. i think it's worth the $450. :tup:
  9. Tadpolenyc that's A LOT OF STUFF! Your iPhone still fits after all that?? Oh man...I really need a ZC.
  10. I use it as both! and a moto v3 or razr will fit it in!
  11. Sep, the Cherry Tart is TDF! I am looking for one or the chocolate. Can't wait to see yours if you decide to get it.
  12. My ZC is my wallet only cuz I have WAAAAY too much stuff! Definately best wallet configuration I have ever had.

    Just note that the patchwork ZCs don't have the front zip pocket. I use this pocket on the ZC for my change. Maybe without that pocket more would fit in as a clutch?
  13. I agree with the sentiment.. best wallet ever! My iPhone fits too. I have my checkbook, all cards, everything in there. I definitely use it as a grab-and-go clutch as well as a wallet!
  14. I use it as both. It fits a lot more stuff than you think so if I'm only going out for a quick errand, I just grab it and go. I usually have my ID, CC's, cell phone, lip gloss and compact in there.

    By the way, the cherry tart color is amazing...I think it's definitely a splurge that's worth it :tup:
  15. I use mine more for a wallet, but I do love that it's easy to grab and go if I'm just out running errands ala Jennifer Gardner! hehe

    Do you want the zipclutch to use as a wallet as an alternative to a clutch? I really love the cherrytart in patchwork...if you are just looking for this color/pattern in a clutch, how about the eugenie? I think this would be a fab clutch in the cherrytart! only $395...