Do you use your small agenda as a wallet? Let's see it!

  1. After using my white MC Koala as a wallet since February, I decided to give her a little break and try out my monogram Koala agenda as a wallet. So far, so good!

    This morning I went to the stationary shop and got some filofax accessories: credit card holder, zipper pouch, and clear pocket. So I have enough room for credit cards, ID, insurance cards, cash, coins, etc! Plus I left some lined filler paper inside which I will use for jotting down to-dos or whatever ideas might spring to mind. And of course, the cute pink LV agenda pen to match the lining...

    I'll take pics tonight, but I think this may end up being a great idea! Thanks to whomever first suggested it here! :idea:
  2. :smile: Can't wait to see pic's.
    sounds like a nice change.
  3. I thought of using my MC agenda as a wallet. Sadly, I have yet to use the agenda at all.
  4. Ooooh Jane I just got my frambroise vernis small ring agenda!! I am totally going to use it as a wallet and agenda! I am getting the LV calendar tomorrow and the Filofax inserts HOPEFULLY by Monday. When it is all set up I will post pics!!! :smile:
  5. Great..I plan to use my future red candy apple vernis as agenda and wallet. I guess I have to sell all my wallets so I won't have the problem changing the wallet all the time.
  6. I'm getting the Damier agenda to use as a wallet I think is a great idea. I can't wait to see pictures of your agenda to see how you set it up.
  7. I'm using my Damier Pocket Agenda as a wallet temporarily until I get my billfold back on Wednesday... [It's currently being heat stamped.]

  8. I went to a store in phoenix called The Stockroom and got some accessories for my new agenda too. I havent finished setting it up yet though. I got the filofax printed catalog (free) and the zippered clear envelope.
  9. my pictures from my post about this are on here somewhere, I think you've seen them already though.....
  10. Here are the pics I promised. I think I organized everything pretty much how I want it...
    aw_1.jpg aw_2.jpg aw_3.jpg aw_4.jpg aw_5.jpg
  11. Lola, your recommendations were great! I ended up getting all of the filofax stuff you suggested somewhere else.

    Here are my pretty red vernis pics.
    agenda3.jpg aaw1.jpg aaw2.jpg aaw4.jpg aaw7.jpg
  12. it was lola24 i think who suggested it... :smile:
  13. Great minds think alike! ;)
  14. im gonna totally copy you guys!
  15. [​IMG]Here's My Damier Agenda PM/Wallet