Do you use your Skinny Mini as a Key Chain?

  1. Just curious. I'd think it would get so battered up that way.
  2. depends...some are more durable than others. khaki with a leather trim will last longer than a light color with a suede know?

    i have an orange signature print one from 2 summers ago with orange suede trim, havent' used it all that much as a keychain, but it DEFINETLY looks "well used"
  3. when you mean key chain do you mean using it how?

    like with your keys?

    then yup! why not.
  4. I don't. But then, I only use my mini skinny when I use the matching purse.
  5. I use mine as a keychain wallet. It's the khaki/signature one and it has held up really well, I love how it frees up my handbags.
  6. I don't but I think it is a great idea. Sometimes I just stick my mini skinny in my pocket.
  7. I absolutely do use it as a key chain. Sometimes, I feel so free when I stick my license, $$, and a credit card in it. I feel so light!

    BTW, my 10 year old got it for me for the holidays--I've created a purse monster--but I have to agree with everyone--she takes after her mom.
  8. I do. I put lip gloss in it, or maybe a few bucks.
  9. i use it mainly as a wallet, so cute when i'm holding it up like a clutch =)
  10. No I don't. I just throw them in the purse I'm using. Putting them on my dirty old rusty keys would only ruin them.
  11. I do. I just got the mahogony patent mini skinny for Christmas and put my DL, a few credit cards in it and attached my keys to it and have been using it since. I don't think it'll get beat up -- time will tell.
  12. i do, most definately. helps me dig through my purse easier to find my keys, lol.

    mine has been through heck and back and still looks fantastic.
  13. I don't. I use it to hide all of my super saving cards (you know the discount cards to places like Pet Co and CVS)...I think the cards look tacky with my keys so I bought a skinny to hold all the cards on the ring and I just tuck it into my skinny.
  14. I don't use it as a key ring per se but I keep a spare car key on the key ring and tuck it inside just in case I lock myself out of my car. Not that I have ever done that, or anything... :push:
  15. Nope. I'd use it like a wallet.