Do you use your new bags right away?

  1. When you get a new bag, do you switch out your old one & use the new one right away? Or do you wait for a special occasion or some other time to change your bag?

    Whenever I get a new bag, I usually want to use it right away, even it I just started carrying my current style.

    I got a Hayden Harnett bag over the weekend and couldn't wait to use it today. I'm still waiting on my Junior Drake from Nordstroms (which should be here by Wed), and I'm sure I"ll want to switch them out once that comes, but I think I'll probably carry my HH for a little while longer before I change my bags (again!).
  2. Oh yeah! When I get a bag in a store, I change out to the new bag as soon as I get back in my car!! And then sometimes, go back in the mall and walk around with it to see how it feels with all my stuff in it! When I order it online, I move in as soon as it arrives and then devise a reason to go out with it! Who can wait???
  3. Usually I do unless I am waiting on a special occasion.
  4. i like to hold off and find a good occasion to use them.
  5. Yes, they come out of the box and immediately into the lineup at the head of the line. I usually can't stand the anticipation, so I carry them right away.
  6. In all honesty, I can admit that I can't wait. When I get a new bag, I like to use it the day I got it, just like a test run, you know, to see how wonderful it is.
  7. I tend to wait, actually - I sometimes wait so long that I never use them. I'm discovering that if I'm not dying to use it right away, it's probably not a bag I'll winding up using much. My "go to" bags are usually the ones I carried right away - those are the ones that suit my life best.
  8. I usually wait about a month or so. I know it sounds silly... but I think a lot of it is the chase of the bag. Once I have it, I tend to not use it until I get used to it and think about if I really like it or was it just the idea of having it.
  9. I tend to use them right away. However, a few months ago I bought a very colorful cotton/canvas handbag while it was still snowing outside! Needless to say I had to wait for the weather to warm up. The first warm day and I was wearing that puppy out!
  10. Yes.
  11. I use it immediately! When I got my speedy back in the fall my dh and I left the store and I went to the ladies room (in the mall) and came out with everything in my new bag. My husband thought I was nuts.
  12. I'm trying to be good about putting protectant on everything before I touch it, especially with springy, light-colored bags. Except I'm too lazy to actually put the protectant on, so I'm ashamed to say I have some that are still sitting in their dustbags, never having been out.
  13. I use my bag right away, I want to show it off.
  14. I usually wait a little while to use mine - mostly so my bf won't be like, another bag?! :p
  15. I actually stretch out the anticipation a while longer. I take it out of the box and admire it, examine it, photograph it and then... wait. I think about the perfect outfit to wear with it, where to take it first, etc. I probably overthink things WAY too much! I at least usually try to wait until I go out somewhere special to take it out the first time, because then I always have a pleasant memory of carrying it the first time.