do you use your MJ leather bags in the rain?

  1. the care card in the metallic leather tote says not to get it wet, but are their other styles that do not get ruined in the rain?
  2. I am really serious when it comes to bags! LOL. I have plastic bags with me at my office/car, my bag goes in there as soon as it rains. I think Patent Leather & Fabric/Nylon bags can survive in the rain.
  3. Funny you should ask this. The very first day I decide to use my new multi, there is a massive downpour at the mall! Needless to say, I took that as a sign that I'm not supposed to use her yet.:lol:

    I'm very serious about not getting my bags wet. I've been know to stuff them in a plastic bag, in my coat, under my shirt, you name it.
  4. LOL yeah same, i hide one part of it in my jacket, and then tilt my umbrella even though i get wet lol. or always if im shopping or something and have a shopping bag in there, :censor: the stuff i bought lol i stick the bag right in there until i find shelter worthy enough for my bag:lol:
  5. ^^LOL yep! I don't care if I get wet but god forbid my bag get wet!
  6. It depends. I would use my Polina, but my Putty Stam would not see the light of day. Only bags I don't use in the rain is LV and Balenciaga and Chanel. The rest for the most part I'm ok with as long as I have an umbrella and it's not a torrential downpour.
  7. me too....
    yesterday, it was pouring, and i only had this little fleece jacket.
    I covered my bag like a baby while i was soaking wet. my hubby thought i was stupid.