Do you use your Limited Edition LV Bags...Dilema

  1. For those of you who have LE bags I was just wondering if you use them all the time or if they are more of a collectors item that you carry for a special occasion.

    I ask because I have been drooling over the LE Patchwork Denim Speedy. I love the speedy and live in denim in general so I think this an awsome bag. I heard it came in black and thought wow even better. I located one on Eluxuy and thought "Oh My God I Must Have it". I had been thinking about this bag for so long and thought I woudl never find one..I was so excited.

    Now that its on its way I am having second thoughts about if its worth the 2000.00 credit card bill. I guess I wonder how often I will use it. It is beautiful but I travel a lot for business and wouldn't bring it with me. I work in entertainment and woud never bring something that expensive backastage. I guess I would carry it when I am home and on my days off. So maybe a couple of times a year.

    I guess I was sort of wondering if I should just buy the Denim Baggy PM. Its about half the price and I could put it in my suitcase so I could take it on business trips. I could carry it out shopping or to a concert.

    I guess my question is why do you buy a LE bag. Is it something you fall in love with that you use on obly special occasions or is it something you love that really fits with your wradrobe and!!!
  2. My wife carries hers every day.......if that helps, and I think it's her nicest bag...
  3. I carry my limited run bags (i.e. Cerises, Panda, Cherry Blossom, Perfo, etc.) on a regular basis, but my Mono Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune is my one and only special occasion only bag.
  4. I have the denim patchwork speedy in blue...I live in jeans. I use it all the time, but I'm a stay-at-home mom right now. It suits my lifestyle, I guess!
  5. Why couldn't you put this one into your suitcase and take it with you? Although it's LE, it's still denim, it won't shatter! If you love it, use it, and make it worth that $2000 to you.
  6. I carried my Soana Sac Plat as a school bag(perfect size for me), so ..yeah very often.
  7. I only have one LE bag ... Cerises Speedy and am only going to use it maybe a few weeks out of the summer. I just worry that it will fade or get wrecked and it wouldn't be so easy just getting another. I think I would feel that way about all LE bags ... still use them, but limited use.
  8. I don't get this! Why would you buy anything and then never use it? That's much more a big waste of money than using it and getting some wear-and-tear would be. I collect antique quilts, but I also use them. That way they are serving their purpose.
  9. I try to use my LE bags. I don't use my Trapeze PM very often just because I don't feel comfortable bringing this bag to work, and on my days off I wear jeans and I'm afraid of jeans rubbing onto the pink fabric. I use my LOVE tote sometimes but ditto what I said about the Trapeze. I use my miroir pochette on special nights out, and CB pochette seldomly. But I certainly don't buy them just to admire.
  10. i use all of my LE bags, although i'm more careful with my Stratus PM and Polka Dots Bowly because they're light-colored. sometimes i think i use my LE bags more than the regular bags because they're not common and nobody else (that i know of :p) in Buffalo has them
  11. I use my conte de fees musette pretty rarely actually, but that's mostly because I don't have a lot of clothes that goes with it. That said, those times I actually wear it, I'm being a lot more protective about it than I am of other bags, but still, bags are meant to be used, and I hope to be able to use it a lot more in the future :smile:
  12. Life is too short not to enjoy our LV purchases. So for me my small collection of limited editions are used.
  13. I have the EXACT patchwork speedy you ordered. I carry it only for special outings, like a hospital fundraiser or fashion shows, or an LV trunk show. I DO NOT use it as an "every day" bag. I personally believe Limited editions are so hard to replace, and more so, even more expensive and difficult for LV to repair (esp. on this bag, as the hardware on each side is totally different), that I am super picky and careful when I take it out. I also have the denim fuschia baggy GM, and I can fold it up and travel with it if I need to. Its versatile and comfortable, and I don't feel the need to "baby" it as much as I do the patchwork. Go with your GUT and Good luck !!!
  14. I would buy it and use it...
  15. Thanks...If it's as beautiful as I think it's going to be I am going to keep it and save it for specaial days when I am home and get a baggy pm for when I travel and go out at night casusal etc...