Do you use your last year's bags again and again?

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  1. I'm just wondering if most of you save your bags or continuously sell -- I am always buying and selling (trying to limit it though and will have to stop if I continue to buy Hermes bags LOL!) - I'm looking at my LV mc Alma from last summer which I enjoyed but it seems I get bored after I use a bag like that....and the Balenciaga I used all fall I really feel I used it up -- Do any others? I really haven't regretted selling anything before....and I want to scale back to recoup some money towards the recent purchases (and there have been TOO many LOL);

    I have my new Hermes kelly which I know I won't sell -- and I also have 2 other new bags for spring/summer - part of me feels like parting with several of my past bags....any words of wisdom? :shame:
  2. You do exactly what I do word for word! Which B-bag are you thinking of selling?
  3. I have been really selective on the bags I have purchased. One time I cleaned house and got rid of some bags I purchased in my 20's, but I don't overbuy now...only the real amazing bags.
  4. Well, the kelly is wine color and I have a first bordeaux which I used and loved, however, I bought a black one recently and know I will use that more....and I really don't want 2 of the same color bags....the new one for spring/summer are a MJ white pocket bag and a B Box in the pale rose -- that's why I think the Alma will also sit around collecting dust....:suspiciou
  5. Aw :/ Not that I have many bags, but I'm the type that would wear them regardless of if they were out of season or not. I think I would be relunctant to ever sell them unless absolutely necessary. Is that not cool? I'm just young and broke, lol. I can't help it :[
  6. I sell when I get bored with it and want the $ to put towards something else.
  7. I save all of mine, although I'm not sure why. I think its because I'd have seller's remorse.
  8. It's not that I feel they're out of season, more like I've used it and now I'm on to another one - I guess it would be boredom! And the fact that I like to purchase new bags and the money certainly helps...
  9. True true! lol Moneys always a good thing, and if you know something is going to be sitting in the closet for a long time, I bet the person you sell it to is grateful you decided to do so. I feel bad now, when I was in high school I went through this crazy sneaker phase and I wouldnt even wear a pair more than a couple times :/ If people bought used shoes I really shouldn't have just let them waste away in the closet.
  10. If one used a bag heavily for a few months I can totally understand the move from one to another. I tend to accumulate bags and use each sparingly so I don't get sick of them.
  11. I don't buy bags cause of the trend so yes, I use bags for years...just rotating them every few days or so.
  12. I use my bags--cheap or expensive--again and again because I tend to stay away from trendy stuff that will be dated within minutes. If I wanted to change them all the time, I'd be at every sale Dillard's or Macy's had and toss in some from T.J. Maxx. I wouldn't be able to justify an expensive bag because the CPW would be so high.
  13. I've never sold a bag. I use most of my bags ... some for work .... some for dressy occasions .... most for day-to-day living. Even if I don't wear some as much as I used to I don't feel the need to unload it.
  14. I haven't sold a bag, but I have thought about it. I will wear a bag for about 2 weeks and then just move to one of the many sitting in my closet.k
  15. i haven't sold any of my bags. and i do wear my bags regardless if i bought them the year before or three years ago. i'm not really into the "trendy" lines. as long as i wear the right bag for the right occassion and season, i think i'm okay. although, i'm thinking of maybe getting rid of my paddy. it's kinda too trendy for me and pretty big.