Do you use your lambskin classic or jumbo flaps often?

  1. What do you think? Are they ok for taking out during the day or will they scratch horribly?
  2. I use my caviar and patent jumbos daily. No problems! Lambskin however you do have to be careful as they scratch more easily.
  3. I only use my lambskin on special occasion. Caviar you can use everyday. I noticed with lambskin you have to really watch the corners. They get worn fast.
  4. depending on the color of your lambskin, you might get more wear out of a darker color lambskin flap than a white/beige lambskin flap.

    I have a light beige lambskin flap.... I wear her maybe
    2-5 times a year but thats due to my loss of interest... not because its diff. to wear or gets stratched.
  5. I have a black lambskin medium classic flap, and it's quite resilient. I've touched up the leather myself a few times--it's a vintage bag--and it still looks great.

    Light-colored lambskin is very delicate--dark colors--I wouldn't worry too much.
  6. I am having trouble deciding which I want as well. I plan to carry it daily if I feel like it but I love the look of the lambskin much better than the caviar... but given the price I don't know that I want to risk lambskin. I am driving myself mad trying to make a decision!
  7. I have jumbo in classic in caviar and lambskin - well actually several in black lambskin :smile: - and I use the lambskin much more regularly than the caviar. I love to stroke/pet my purses and lambskin so perfect for that!
  8. I don't have any lambskin. I do have the caviar and patent and I use them all the time. Actually, I do have a 2.55 and I do use it. The leather is more distressed and you don't see the imperfections so readily.
  9. I have a black jumbo with lambskin, I use it all the time and not a scratch yet!
  10. I've used my black medium lambskin one time, but I use my red 226 quite often. The size is better and the crushed lambskin makes it more durable.
  11. I always wanted a jumbo but then I thought I would feel self conscious because it is so much chanel. Do people gawk when you carry it?
  12. I use the caviar jumbo all the time and take it on trips. No one has stared at it and I don't think it would make you self conscious at all., it is a great bag.
  13. I'm in the exact same position!! I'm torn between look and function. Caviar seems very durable but almost looks like the texture of a basketball. But since I want a white one and you cant really tell from afar..maybe i should go caviar.
  14. I use my navy patent jumbo all the time :smile:
  15. i have a 2.55 black caviar and i've tossed it around couple of times (being careless, being rushed and just a bad habit) and still looks new!