Do You Use Your Key Leash?

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  1. It depends on the bag. It's a bigger bag then I'll use it because I don't want to dig around the bottom for them, ie Speedy 30. But the smaller/medium sizes, the keys just get thrown in.
  2. i just throw my keys in haha then i have to dig for them later.
  3. THAT'S WHAT THAT IS! I have one in my Botkier, but my first reaction was "oooo, it comes with a free necklace" and then "um, why doesn't it come off?". So thank you for enlightening me. I'll probably start using it now.
  4. Hmm, I don't because I don't have a habit of doing so, although I'm reminded of their existence each time I polish a leather bag! Gotta start utilising them, as it'll save me the hassle of rummaging through all the junk to find that elusive pair of keys!
  5. I don't, it seems like it's too much of a hassle to clip/unclip them.
  6. I always use mine-I put my school keys on it, so every morning when I open my classroom they're easy to grab! It's really so convenient as I don't have to take them off the "leash"!:angel:
  7. I think that's probably the real issue for me, whether I can use them still attached to the bag or have to take them off. Since my office keys are the ones I use to lock my purse up, that clearly wouldn't work, nor would my car keys....
  8. :roflmfao: That's so funny!
  9. I think they are more trouble than they are worth. I can never find the leash because it is usually located down inside the bag. I like the D-rings that some bags have, but again, I wish they would put them in a more accessible place and make the D-ring bigger.
  10. A key leash is the little clasp that hangs on the inside of some purses so you can attatch your keys to it.

    I only have one bag that has a key leash and it's my favorite part of that bag! I wish all my bags had them! I always have a big bag with a bunch of stuff in it. I love that I instantly know where my keys are instead of digging abound in the bottom of my bag!
  11. I have several bags that have a clip/snap for keys - same concept as the "leash" without the acutal leash and I definitely use 'em. At first, I just tossed my keys into the purse w/these bags but then I just got into the habit of clipping them/or snapping them in and it works like a charm. No fussing about anymore and I don't have the "pulling the leash to get to the keys" issue.
    Great thread.
  12. I *love* the key leashes in bags and always use them. some bags I clip my miniature tape measure to the leash. I admit it I'm a home fix-up fanatic and it seems I can never find that darn tape measure once I get into Home Depot. :wtf:
  13. I switch bags too often to bother. Plus I would have to remove my keys from the leash to drive my car!

    I just put my keys in the inside zip pocket so I can always find them.
  14. I do the same. However, I've found that key leashes are great for holding little zip-up pouches.
  15. I use D rings and key leashes for my spare house keys. I am forever losing my keys.