Do You Use Your Key Leash?

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  1. I have always thought that the key leashes that some designers put in their bags are a nice idea -- but I never actually use them!

    It may be because I keep three sets of keys (home, car, office) or just because I have trained myself not to throw my keys into the main part of my bag unless it is my only option.

    But am I the only one who find them too fussy to actually use? Is there another use for the leashes I have not discovered?
  2. I don't use them. I'm too lazy. I like to just throw my keys in my bag.
  3. I like to use them when I'm out of town. Since I won't be using my keys during the time I'm away, I like securing them. But day-to-day when I'm home, it's too much trouble. I keep keys in outside pocket of my bag.
  4. no...i don't use them. only 2 of my bags have it (my dooney and bourke zebra and my goldenbleu jordan satchel)
  5. never use them either
  6. I don't use them, but I do have a designated "key area" in each of my purses.
  7. I do the exact same thing!
  8. I love bags with key leashes! I use mine, they're so convenient. I love not having to dig through my huge bags looking for my keys.
  9. I use them most of the time if the bag has one. So easy to just reach for the leash and pull the keys out instead of digging around.
  10. You bet I use them! Both my BE's have them and I know I never have to search for my keys.
  11. No, because I have a key holder from LV so my keys aren't really loose in my bag (and it would be kind of hard to attach it that way). However, the one time I do try to use them is when I'm out on a boat--I take a Vera Bradley out so I don't worry about my bag and attach the keys just to be sure they don't end up on the bottom of the lake!
  12. What is a key leash ?
  13. I love those. I don't need to actually use a key to get into my car because the electronic device just needs to be on me or near me, but I like knowing that my keys are secure on that leash and won't fall out or something. I wish all my bags had those.
  14. I have a Botkier with a particularly long key leash. I hook it on to the wristlet that I keep my cash in. I can pull it out easily to pay for something, but there's no chance of my wrislet being stolen out of my bag. (At least not without a tug-of-war:lol:)
  15. My MBMJ Hillier Hobo has one, and I think it would be great if my car key ring had a clip so that I could just clip it to the ring on the key leash. I tend not to use it though because I don't want to take the time to put the rings together.