do you use your coach bags in the rain?

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  1. if so which ones?
  2. I use all my coach stuff in the rain. I have a purple optic bag (the one with the bumble bee) and a new legacy bag (i'm not sure which type).
  3. NOO!!!! I would never! When ever i no it is going to rain i take out a Longchamp La pilage. Those are perfect for the rain. Almost any of the Longchamp styles are.
  4. I only use my all leather in the rain. The scarf hobo I just bought will have to sit in its dustbag for a little while longer!
  5. how much does that cost? do you have a pict of it?
  6. Coach's are very sturdy so I have nothing to be scared of bringing a coach out into the rain. It's not like I'm holding it under water. It's under an umbrella, but if it gets a little wet, it's not going to kill it like my other purses.
  7. Yeah, this is my philosophy, too. I find my Coach bags to be much more abuse-resistant than other bags. If they get a little wet, just use some conditioner and they're as good as new. Nay, better. They age so well!
  8. I dont mind using my black one I just bought out in the rain, but the others I wouldnt dare.
  9. I use my pebbled leather or just my leathers...never my fabric or suede.
  10. I use my signature and leather bags in the rain. The only bags I don't use in the rain are the suede ones.
  11. I use all my Coach in the rain, and nothing ever happened to any of them. Even my pebbled leather.
  12. I do, I've even used a Coach suede bag in the rain before (an accident, got caught without an umbrella) and had no problems whatsoever. It dried and looked like new. I have a Coach leather tote I use as a schoolbag and it's been rained on, snowed on, hailed on, everything, no problems at all. I'd be more wary with a light colored Coach or a silky optic fabric though, most of my Coaches are designed to be sturdy.
  13. I've always used my Coach bags in the rain and they're never gotten ruined and they all look fabulous!!
  14. All of them except for my Ladybug Hobo :smile:
  15. no i use a cheap bag in the rain..the coachs leather always gets wet looking spots.