do you use your cles this way?

  1. I use mine as a wallet!
    If I'm going somewhere and I don't need much, my cles is perfect either alone or in one of my bags :]
  2. The cles is great as a mini wallet. It fit a lot of my cards and it was the only thing I used when I was working. I didn't like to bring my bags to work in case of my stuff getting stolen so I just put the cles in my pocket.
  3. I am addicted to my cles! In mine I fit
    Travel pass
    My ID
    The contact info of my country's embassy/consulate if I'm traveling
    Some painkillers

    I have my keys attached to my cles, so keeping these things in it ensures that I don't leave the house without my essentials.

    And cash or a debit card if I'm running errands and can't be bothered to bring a wallet.
  4. I use mine to hold my car fob and my drivers license debit card and some cash. Then when I am nannying and feeling super dorky, I clip it onto my belt loop in order to have my hands free to tend to the boys ( 18 Mo and 4 yrs). However, when i have my purse on me, I utilize the d-ring and clip my cles onto that.
  5. I use my cles like this ;) I just carry that with me every day. I keep housekeys, and 2 visas, 1 mastercard, driver lisence, some other cards and some cash.

    But sometimes I do miss some cards that I don`t keep in the cles... bummer!
    Mostly veeeery happy, I looove my pomme one ;)
  6. I'm like most of these girls.

    I have the essential cards in there (I keep them to maximum of 3), some coins and dollar notes. I would keep my keys in there too but they are a big bunch.

    I use the Cles like this when I'm walking my dog.
  7. My DE cles is attached to my keys with my license and debit card. There are a few bills too. If I have my bag, it's attached to the d-ring. On days like today, when its rainy & nasty, my bag stays put and my cles & iPhone are all I carry.
  8. No keys on my MC black cles, inside is DL, Debit card, that's it!