Do you use your Chanels everyday - or save them for a special occasion?

  1. Maybe I'm too careful with my bags - or just plain OCD - but I find myself saving my Chanel bags for special occasions - like evenings out, holiday parties, birthday dinners. They seem so much 'fancier' than my devoted army of Marc Jacobs bags, with their tougher leather and heavier hardware, that I can't just bring myself to use them everyday.

    Am I being silly? How many of you sling your Chanels around with you everywhere you go? Inspire me!!!
  2. Mine go everywhere w/ me on a daily basis!
  3. ^^^ditto
  4. Mine are every day bags--except for my white reissue and a little evening bag that I have.
  5. Everyday, unless it's raining.
  6. Everywhere!
  7. me too. I spend too much money on them to sit in my closet.:smile:
  8. It depends on the weather, but I like to use them everyday. I can understand if you have a more delicate looking bag that you want to keep *special* because you know it's a classic and will be keeping it for many years.

    I have so many bags, that my old bags become my workhorses, my everyday bags.
  9. I take mine everywhere. And I have a 8 month old infant! I love mine too much to let them sit in the closet.
  10. I don't use my chanel during workdays coz my office is like a war zone now (remodeling in progress...). Actually I don't use chanel bags at work because they look too fancy and expensive when you are working in a crappy old 1960s government building. I only use them during weekends especially when I go shopping or have lunch/dinner with friends.
  11. I definitely use my Chanels everyday. Life is too short to have Chanel in the closet!
  12. I use mine all the time. They never sit in the closet. Paid too much for my collection to let them sit there. However, when it rains i use louis vuitton...don't want chanel to get ruined.
  13. I tend to only use mine for special occasions... I have the beige bowler, so I'm paranoid about getting it dirty, & there's no way in hell I'd take it out when it's raining or snowing!
  14. EVERYDAY I carry my GST or my vintage lambskin bag to work. I carry it everywhere. For the amount of $$ I pay for I better use it often enough.
  15. Everyday absolutely! They're too expensive and pretty just to sit in the closet I even take them when I travel and they've held up beautifully. But, I do use the ones in caviar or distressed leather more for everyday than the more delicate lambskin ones I have.
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