Do you use your Bolide strap?

  1. I know this information is probably within the "Ode to the Bolide" but it has become several pages and entries long... Or maybe even somewhere else - so I apologize.

    Do you use your strap? How often do you carry the Bolide on your shoulder? If not at all would you still leave the strap on?
  2. Yes, I do....usually, it stays attached to the Bolide ( same with my Kellys ) and is there if I need it. As for how often Bolide and Kelly go on the shoulder, everytime I have a area to transverse....say, if I get out of my car and walk to a store....the Kelly or Bolide goes up on my shoulder. If I'm inside the store, shopping, the bags are on my shoulder.

    I like to be hands free as often as possible but do, on occasion, carry the bags by the handles.
  3. I definitely use the strap--I have a toddler so the strap comes in handy, and it's one of my favorite features about the Bolide--it looks great carried by the hand or the shoulder strap. I love having both options and leave the strap on like Isus.
  4. I never use the strap and took it off the bag.
  5. Same here...never -- but I would if my kids were still little!
  6. I use it just enough of the time that it pays to leave it on the bag! Maybe once or twice a week.
  7. I use it all the time. It's an extremely handy feature and I haven't had an occasion to take it off yet. However, I would definitely take it off for a more formal occasion than walking around in town.
  8. i like the strap... but only when i see it on other women. i don't know, i'm just not a strap kind of person, even though i do have toddlers! but i do keep my straps in the bag if by some small chance i do decide to use them.
  9. I always keep the strap on and often use when I'm trying to juggle to many things ( brief case, cup of coffee, office key etc.) with too few hands!
  10. I keep mine on and like the hands free option. I also think the strap and the metallic sparkle from the clips gives it a little more interest since the Bolide is fairly plain. But I probably use the handles most of the time.
  11. this for me, too.:yes:
  12. Thank you. I can't wait to (first get it of course) take it out and try it out!
  13. nope, this hasn't been discussed much yet. helpful information to be sure. seems it's a matter of personal preference and/or lifestyle.
    what size are you considering? loads of pics in that bolide thread. :graucho:
  14. Never have. Probably never will.
  15. 31 - Black Togo with Pallidium. Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday (gotta make that hike deadline). They are transferring from another store.