Do you use/wear or "keep" your high-end jewellery???

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  1. Hi all tpfers!

    I have been wanting to post this thread for quite some time. I am not sure whether you all would like to comment in this thread. ;)

    When you buy jewellery from high-end boutiques, do you wear them very often, seldom or not even wear them at all? :coolio:

    I know of people who buy jewellery but kept them in boxes and only "admire" them now and then. Sometimes, it is because they buy the items "secretly" and they do not want people to know. :sneaky:

    Which category do you belong to and why?

    I look forward to see comments in this thread.
  2. I wear everything I have as often as I can. Wearing something nearly every day helps to justify the price! I don't worry about things getting worn or scratched, I bought them to use them. I have so much stuff I love, and not enough fingers or arms!

    I don't think jewellery is for one specific occasion or another. Sometimes if I haven't worn a ring for a while and I miss it, I'll wear it around the house in the evenings. The only rule I have is that when I visit my Mum or my sister, I'll wear some of the stuff they gave me.
  3. I'm the same as MissFluffyCat. I rotate all my jewelry and make sure to let the person who gave me the piece see me wear it. I do make sure not to be too rough and bang my jewelry or drop them on hard floors and so on.
  4. Jewels are meant to be worn and enjoyed. You can't take them with is as simple as that!
  5. I wear mine! I rotate rings around fairly frequently and change earrings as it suits me. I find I'm mostly a ring gal -- not so much for brooches, bracelets, necklaces or earrings. I do wear those pieces, but not as much. Mostly I try to be sort of low key: I don't wear many pieces at once. I try to let one piece be a focal point and then work around it with other "supporting" pieces. Example: if I'm wearing a big ring, I don't wear a bracelet, etc.
  6. I need to be better about wearing mine.
  7. just diamond earings/wedding set during the day.......everything else at night...:smile:
  8. The only reason I'd keep & not wear something I just bought would be bcos the hubby doesn't know about it!! 🙊🙊
  9. :lol::lol: Exactly!
  10. Agree... :giggles:
  11. I guess the term "high end" is relative, but I use all my jewelry. I bought it to use, not sit in a box. It doesn't all get used at the same rate, as I have favorites, but I do use it all.
  12. I have to be better about wearing mine as well...I would love to wear my Cartier Ballon B. more but since I am in my VERY early 20s (21) I feel very weird wearing it around my friends :sad:
  13. I wear it, but my high end jewellery could be different then someone else's version of high end! high end to me is designer (cartier, tiffany, van cleef) all my pieces are wearable daily with the exception of a few cocktail rings. if I don't wear it often or love it, I sell it and fund something else I am craving!

    someone else's high end could involve statement necklaces or giant baubles of sorts- in this case I would think they are not all that wearable but more investment or pieces to pass down to the generations.
  14. Wear it. What I have found is most people have no idea what they are looking at unless they own one.
  15. I used to be one of the people who kept all of their jewelry in a box to "admire" briefly once in a while, but mostly to "keep safe" as keepsakes...

    That is, until i realized that I buy, keep, and then re-sell jewelry fairly often because I'm "not wearing it".

    I am now trying to be better about wearing pieces, regardless of whether or not they get scratched and/or dirty and lose value. I have to remind myself that it's not important to keep them in pristine condition, and that I buy them to enjoy them!