Do you use USPS to ship H bags?

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  1. A friend of mine bought a Constance which was shipped from Virginia to Nee York by USPS express mail - 1 Day. The scheduled delivery time was 12:00PM on 5/17/16. And now it is 5/19, the website has updated anything (still showing 5/17 as delivery time) and we called USPS many times and they keep saying that they are looking for the package. I hope the package just got delayed instead of got lost. Has anyone gotten into similar situation?
  2. Insurance bought?
  3. I have used USPS but not express. I can't remember the correct term used, registered maybe, but basically it's sealed with special tape from them, includes full value insurance, has tracking, requires signature and can only be picked up by the person it is addressed to. Got here safely but once they didn't notify me properly and it had been sitting in their warehouse a couple more days than I preferred.

  4. This is another issue, the seller didn't buy full insurance, only $100 insurance they came with the priority mail

  5. Thank you! I thought USPS only insure up to $5000. I sold a Chanel bag and a Kelly bag, which I used fedex and purchased the full value. I just hope the package didn't get lost at this point.

    I do not recommend anyone to use USPS for expensive items...
  6. I had this happen to me-- I purchased a H bag from the seller shipped USPS with insurance, and it went missing. This shipper was about a four hour drive from me. The bag did eventually show up, but it was almost a week late, and no explanation what had gone wrong.

    This incident was the first (there have been several others that followed) that made me question using USPS. As I tried to track down the bag, I found that no one was particularly interested in helping. My local post office, the people on the phone, the post office where the package disappeared -- none of them. I guess maybe it happens all the time and they are used to it.

    I would say don't panic yet, there is still time for it to show up.

    ETA: I have had some incidents occur since that have convinced me never to use USPS for anything beyond basic service.
  7. I'm a small business owner and use USPS often for items under $1000. I prefer FedEx for anything more expensive. I've shipped and ordered items with USPS Express 1-day service and they often do not arrive in 1 day as promised. USPS is operating at a huge loss and is therefore understaffed. My packages are almost always delivered eventually. Don't worry yet. Give them a few more days before you panic. I really hope this turns out well. A constance is too good a treasure to lose.
  8. I have experience with this. I purchased insurance. Nevertheless, after countless hours on the phone with USPS, the package eventually arrived.

    Has someone opened a case with USPS?
  9. i hope this story has a happy ending.. i don't even trust UPS,much less USPS.. trust issues multiple package incidents getting delivered to other people instead of me for expensive items i prefer Fedex
  10. i used usps express to ship a birkin, similar situation, it was lost for a few days but eventually found so there's hope. make sure whoever paid for the postage goes to the post office and gets their money back since it wasn't delivered by the expected time. after other similar situations like this, i only use ups and fedex with expensive items.
  11. I've had this happen on an item I've sold and 1 I purchased. Each value was under $500 but I wouldn't risk it for anything greater in value. It'll show up and don't get too stressed about their online status updates, mine never updated from lost --even after it was delivered. Go figure.
  12. I shipped a Kelly from NY to CA via USPS express mail. It ended up in customs in LA for 10 days. Go figure. Nail biter but turned out OK.

  13. Yes... Exactly, first of all, I can't even talk to a real person from USPS. It's pure luck- I got through to customer service twice out of endless calls. Even after it went through, the CS is no help at all. So frustrating!

  14. Thank you so much! Looks like it is normal to be delayed! It would be abnormal to be delivered on time! Hopefully the package will show up soon!

  15. Thank you all for all your input! I feel better after reading your experiences. I hope the package show up some time soon! I'll keep you guys updated. I'm done with USPS and will never use them again to ship anything except regular mail.