Do you use Tretinoin? (Retin-A, Stieva, Renova, Ativa)

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  1. Does anyone use this? If so, could you answer a few questions?

    1) Do you put moisturizer in after you apply it?

    2) What do you avoid (waxing, sun etc.)

    3) Do you ever use self tanner? Can you use that in the day and the retin-a at night?

    Any other tips? Thanks
  2. i have used it for years! LOVE!
    don't put anything else on your face after applying.
    i use sunscreen. i don't wax.
    yes, self tan in the day and Retin-A at night.
  3. Yes avoid using tretinoin two weeks prior to getting anything waxed.

    Stay out of the sun when you use tretinoin. Your skin is more prone to burn and will be sensitive.

    You can put moisturizer afterwards if you wish. Your skin may peel alittle.
  4. Thanks ya'll --- I learned the no wax the hard way - my upperlip is a little scabby right now = SEXY!
    It snowed here today so I won't be getting much sun anyway =(
  5. I use Renova, love it so far! Haven't had much irritation at all, just a little dryness on my chin, but a tiny little patch that disappeared in a day.

    You can use moisturizer, but you're supposed to wait an hour after applying the Renova/Retin-A, etc. before putting the moisturizer on.

    Yes! Definitely use sunscreen, even if it's not sunny, always use sunscreen!

    Haven't tried self-tanner with the Renova yet since I started it in January, but since I use the Renova every other night, I'll use the self-tanner on the nights I don't use the Renova.