Do you use the same size/style bag for every occasion?

  1. The numerous questions about bag sizing has me wondering if most of us buy the same size in a certain style ( always a 35 in the Birkin...or always a 28 in a Kelly ) OR do you buy the differing sizes and leathers to suit the occasions you use the bags?

    I have been looking for a slightly smaller Kelly to wear when I don't want to carry the kitchen sink with me, but still have enough room for wallet, keys, glasses....for luncheon or out in the evening. I find that my 32 Kellys are just a little too much for these occasions, and sometimes, my 28 Kelly is too.

    So, I have been searching for a 25 Kelly.

    I still need my 35 and 32 for work, and my 28 to run out to the grocery store:yes:

    The HAC 32 is a great work bag with an *edge* and the 30 Birkin is perfect on days when I don't have as much to carry. Both have a different feel and fill different needs on different days.

    And, my black mou Bolide 32 is the most perfect all 'round style when I need the essentials, but don't have to carry a lot. I've considered the 37 Bolide to do the same thing, but hold just a little more.

    So, I was wondering if many of you think this way when you're considering a piece or do you generally stay with one specific size or style??
  2. Since I am a relative H newbie and am trying to build up my collection slowly (although have not been successfuly recently);), I am trying to purchase different types of bags (e.g., Bolide, Birkin, Lindy, etc.) rather than buy different leather/size of the same type of bag to fit the occasion.

    However, recently I did buy my 2nd Birkin, but it was a bigger size then my first one and it was at a very good price.
  3. The latter defininitely applies to me. I try to experiment with the different styles/color/leather combos.
  4. I have an H bag for every occasion. I have a clutch for evenings, totes for the day, shoulder bags for work, travel bags, gym bags, bum around bags, casual yet dressy bags, shoulder bags for shopping, carry-on bags for the plane ride....oh, and I just got the cutest little bag for the beach!!!! Okay, so I'm really nowhere near the beach, but I have a rooftop pool, does that count?
  5. Yep, it does HG...gotta have it!^^
  6. lol, HG!

    I am just staring out, but I feel like I am getting there. I have a clutch for evenings, tote (30 cm Birkin) (car journeys, quick shopping trips), 32 cm Kelly ( my every day, do everything bag, great for travel too), 28 cm box for long shopping afternoons, it's so wonderfully light.

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, nothing for the beach!!!
  7. HG, I'm right on the beach.... and that sounds like a great idea!
  8. I have just tried to diversify my collection in terms of styles (1 birkin, 1 bolide, 1 evelyne) and picked the sizes in each that worked best for me. I don't know that I'll ever be in a position to have an H for every occasion.
  9. Hmm...I always do 35 in Birkins as they are used for work and as totes; for Kellys, which I don't use often, I think a 28 for more formal occasions and a 32 if I need more room; and in Bolides, a 31 because I am using it as a handbag (sort of a Birkin alternative...when I need something lighter, still casual, easy to wear). I would love a clutch someday but I sadly have few opportunites to carry one.
  10. Susi, the 25cm Kelly seems much larger than the 20cm - so you should love it! Are you thinking sellier or retourne? I really love them both!

    With the exception of my GPTs, most of my bags are in the same size range - 25cm Kelly, 25cm Birkin, 27cm Bolide, 28cm Plume, Berlingot PM (around 25cm), Picotin PM and the like. This size suits me the best but I love the variety of different styles.

    Oooh, come on ladies - party at HG's rooftop pool!
  11. I like variety in size and style and have varied my collection to include quite a range. Kellys 28,32 and 35, and Birkins 25, 30 and 35. That's not including other styles.
  12. Yes, different styles of bags for different kinds of occasions and for different kinds of clothes, too. Bigger bags for casual days or airports, smaller bags for more dressed-up daytime, and tiny bags - fit in the palm of your hand sized - for evening.
  13. I think I am stuck on the 30cm+ sizes, but that is my preference as I carry H for daytime only. My preference is for a clutch in the evening, so will need to consider expanding my horizons at some point . . . . off to pack my GPT for the pool party at HGs rooftop . . . .
  14. I love to have the choice. Some days require a 28cm Vert Olive Kelly and some days require a little something in Croc. Thing is, that size is paramount for me so no matter how much I think I need a particular bag, if it's too large or too small, I'll pass.

    Actually, I feel like I finally have a fairly well-rounded collection of bags to suit almost every ocassion. Although I'm almost always looking at vintage bags.........I can always find a reason to buy a little something vintage!
  15. I have changed sizes as much as 3x a day, it is a very personal preferance, I seem to size down as the day goes on. Love the 30 or 35 in the am with errands, but at night the JPG little kelly works best for me.