Do you use the same SA at NM ..........

  1. to buy Chanel and Other Handbags ???

    I went to Nm today and bought a Chanel Wallet in the area where all the Chanel is and then I went and bought Chanel Sunglasses by all of the sunglasses, so I went to two different SA's and neither of them were my "regular" SA, Marc, at NM - could I have asked for Marc to handle all of my purchases or does Chanel have exclusive SA's ??? :confused1:
  2. ^ I think you could, because there's this one time I was chatting with my handbag SA (she was sweet, but she no longer works for NM..) and I told her I'd like to buy a pair of sunglasses, so she took me to the sunglasses section and helped me pick my oliver peoples sunglasses.
  3. She can help you w/ ANYTHING you want.
    Shannon is the only one I buy handbgas from and she walked me over to jewelry and I bought a Konstantino bracelet from her as well :biggrin:
    She invites me to jewelry trunks, beauty events, etc. . .
  4. I use the same SA as well. She does a great job finding stuff for me.
  5. It's always best to use the same SA, especially if you've already established a relationship with her/him. Chanel usually has a designated sales associate, but they usually act as a resource. Anybody in the store can sell Chanel.
  6. Ahh good to know!

    The SA I bought the Chanel Wallet from was nice but when I asked about the Sunglasses he just directed me over to the sunglass counter...didn't offer to take me over there or anything...

    I guess I should have went and found my regular SA, Marc, when I first got there and ASKED HIM first :shame:
  7. you did the right thing then, an SA that wanted YOU as a new, loyal customer would've walked right over w/ you!
  8. I use a personal stylist at NM. She is great (has helped a lot of members out here with various things). She has access to all the NM stores and departments. She knows just what I like and hides things away for me....
  9. Absolutely!! That's what NM is all about. The whole point of being an SA at NM is to develop a client and build loyalty, and that means walking them all over the store...hopefully it is an SA that is honest and has good taste.

    Oh, and speaking of Personal Shoppers, they do like to hide stuff...not at my store :smile:
  10. ^yeah, I was surprised when Shannon went and got a key to teh jewelry cases and helped me there, I thought up until that moment she was in "handbags" only.
    At this level of shopping and spending I'm glad they go the extra mile:yes:
  11. My SA in the Beauty Dept. is my all-around NM SA :yes:

    She's great and knows alot about their products and services.
  12. Interesting...Most SA's in Cosmetics are always busy busy busy and don't know much about other departments because they receive mainly beauty product training...That's awesome that you have one that knows everything! :smile: I assume she's been in the business for many years...
  13. :sad: I am starting to wish we had a NM here in Canada... :sad:
    Do you think the SAs at NM are incredibly dedicated... or are they on commission?
    If a SA isn't motivated to try and established a relationship with you, then she is not the SA for you. If someone does that to me in a store, then I know not to buy from her in the future.
  14. All the SAs at NM are on commission; however, that doesn't mean they are not incredibly decdicated, especially to the clients they have built a good relationship with.
  15. I'm beginning to realize how terrific the SAs at NM are... !