Do You Use The Front Pocket On Your Ergo???

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  1. Is it just me or is that front pocket on the Ergos just about useless? I have tried using it on my tote and my hobo and there isn't much that will fit inside and let you keep the turnlock closed. My keys don't fit. My cellphone doesn't fit either. I guess I will just have to accept the fact that it's really just decorative. That's OK, I still love my bags! :yes:
  2. I was just thinking about this!!!

    I put my cell phone in the front of my hobo, but it does stick out and the turnlock can't stay closed.

    about the best I've been able to get in there and have it look right is papers, grocery list, etc.

    I wish it would hold more, but I still love mine too! :yes:
  3. I see the pocket as more of a detail rather than something functional to use. It doesn't serve any other purpose really. I like how it looks on the bag so I'm glad they put it on there but it isn't practical otherwise.
  4. My thoughts EXACTLY!
  5. i keep my lipgloss in it, sometimes my cell, but mostly lipgloss. i'm one of those who has like 3 different lipglosses on them at any given moment
  6. I don't really use my pockets for anything. They are there as a detail to make the bag look smart. There really is not much you can fit in there.
  7. I agree. ANd on my patent leather tote, it isn't even a turnlock closure, it's a little button, that really doesnt snap all that well
  8. I agree that the pocket looks great. I am not really upset about it being only decorative, but I thought it would be a great place to stash my keys. I like blackbutterfly's emergency stash of lipgloss in there! :okay:
  9. it is a great detail, it makes the bag look so much cuter than just a plain hobo, I was just hopeful that I could stash some stuff in there, but it doesn't make me like the bag any less.
  10. I use the small pocket on my medium Ergo tote to slip in either my car key (single key) or my clip on sunglasses. Both will fit easily inside without having to unsnap the button. Beyond that, I don't use it.
  11. I keep my keys in the front pocket (because the d ring is too far down in the bag IMO) or my cellphone.
  12. Other than a receipt or two when I go out, I don't put anything in the pocket. I've tried my cell phone and keys, but the pocket sticks out.
  13. I consider it there more for the look of the bag than for functionality. I think I dumped change in there one day, but otherwise I haven't used it and I probably won't.
  14. I keep my ipod nano in it during my walk to work. That's the only thing I needed a front pocket for and it's doing it's job nicely!
  15. it's the same with the pockets on the sides of gallery totes...IMO, they are WAY too tight to force anything into and are just there to "complete" the bag.

    plus I kinda don't like stretching out front pockets. on any given bag I own that has "flat" exterior pockets...I never put anything more in it than my envelope of coupons and maybe my checkbook if I need it that day.