Do you use scented accessories for interior of your bag - Finescent etc.?

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    I have scented cards Finescent in my bags. These are mini cards made of special ceramic. I spray my favorite perfumes on the card and it carries the fragrance for long time. Then interior of my bag smells nicely and the things inside too.

    Do you use similar "gadgets"?
  2. Here is scented card in my Biasia Doris.

  3. And in Lancel Premier Flirt
  4. I don't. I prefer my bags to keep smelling like leather. Plus I get migraines and can't stand perfume. I've had to return and re-sell bags because of one smelling too strong of perfume, and the other one cigarettes.
  5. I don't put any "scent" of any kind in my bags
    Concerned about deteroriation & perhaps discoloration of the leather over time...
  6. Your little scented gadget is rather cute! But for my leather bags, I like the smell of leather so I leave it "as is"... As for my fabric bags and espacially sports duffle, I usually fold a fabric softener in a zip pocket and it does the job pretty well! I usually buy Gain, Bounce or Fleecy, some smell rrreally nice!