do you use scarf rings

  1. sorry for starting all these scarf threads. i am debating buying my mom a scarf ring. i would love her to have one but she thinks buying a hermes one is a waste of money for the price. i am trying to find one under retail but i might go to bergdorf's tomorrow to pick up a scarf i have on hold (can't decide if i should get it or not- i think it's hard to find but not sure. and so not sure if i should wait a little while or get it while i can find it) and i thought maybe i should just buy one while i'm there.

    she just got 5 scarves in all different colorways- deep amythest purple, a burgandy, light pink, black and i forget the last one. but they're all very colorful (the purple and burgandy are the same aztecy design). if i wanted to get her one- which should i get? silver? gold? mother of pearl? black? soooo confused.


    sorry, this will be my last scarf thread. lol
  2. finn - I love your scarf threads! I have several scarf rings...mostly the chain d'ancre style (the oval type). I have the metal ones which are coloured (these are very heavy), cherry wood (this is a new one - comes in the cutest little bag!), buffalo horn and plain palladium. The wood and the horn are very light, so your Mum might prefer these. you know, with the 90 x90 carres, you can also just use a large wedding band type ring - works well for the styles shown in the tying booklet.

    Honestly though, I tend to fold, tie a know, thread through and off I go...I don't use the rings as often as I'd like!
  3. oh thank you! she mentioned she would like one because in a lot of ways she wouldn't have to think about ways to fold them (even though she did pretty good today). with a ring you can just pull through and go, which she likes....

    large wedding band type ring

    how would you use that? i can't think of it visually...
  4. finn,

    I second GF's light recommendation. I actually have lost a Kelly scarf ring (and almost the scarf) when the rings are too heavy. The weight of the ring gradually drags the rng down the scarf. The lightweight rings stay put better.

    Get her the horn one!!!!
  5. Pic of my new wood one -
    Equestrianballetscarf.JPG chaineancrewood.JPG
  6. Oh, the ring thing - you can just stick the ends through, or use it like you would a normal, round scarf ring....have you got the scarf tying books from Hermes? I may have to scan some pics, huh?
  7. ooh i like that one. and omg that scarf is TDF!
  8. The one you showed me- that one i can imagine because it has two sections. just a regular round ring though???
  9. yep, a regular round ring. I have used a plain wedding band as a scarf has to be medium to large sized - I have fat fingers!

    Hmmmm, I'll have to find pics.....
  10. Yes, the scarf and ring are Gorgeous!!!!!
  11. give me a sec, H...I'm scanning the booklet....
  12. oh you don't have to go to the trouble.

    ok, i know everyone here is going to say yes- but should i get another full price scarf tomorrow even though i bought 4 last week at the sale? i am going to use 2 to wear definately and 1 i am thinking of framing and the other i'm not sure what i'm going to do with. but the new one i adore- either to wear or frame. but it's a lot of money when i already spent so much... what do i do?
  13. what's the scarf?
  14. the monsieur and madame in the black, white and pink colorway.
  15. You can also just fold it on the diagonal, put it around your neck, and poke the thwo pointy ends through a ring.....I have FAT fingers, though. I wear a size M/N band!