Do you use protectant on dark colored bags?


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I notice some of you ladies talk about spraying all your bags liberrally with Wilsons or something similar. I worry about by lighter colored bags but with something like dark brown or black, I don't really think anything is going to happen to them. Yesterday I was out in the rain with my dark brown Gryson and it was fine. Unless you worry that something oily will get on your bag? Do you spray black and dark brown bags?


Nov 7, 2006
I spray all of my bags. I figure it can't hurt. And just in case they don't recover from rain well, they at least have some protection.


Apr 22, 2007
Orange County, CA.
I just got some Wilson's protectant and have a question. For you girls who use it, how much do you spray on and how long do you let them sit to dry? Also, is this something you'd need to put some newspaper under when you're doing or what?
he answer may vary depending on who tells you
ME PERSONALLY and this is just me i give my bags a nice coating, i spray prob. 5 inches from the bag? i dont like soak it but i spray all around every side prob go around the whole bag 2-3 times the first time i spray i spray back and forth all along every inch of the bag and if it does get a wetter spot thats ok it dries up
and i tend to spray even closer like 3-4 inches when i do the bottom since i want it super protected
(and thanks to our lexie 2000's advice i focus a lot on the bottom of the bag and the handles where it gets touched and put down the most and may risk more dirt from hands and tables or floors or whatever)

I then let it dry like an hour or overnight
the least amt of time i let it dry is an hr but there are times ive wanted to use my bag and sprayed it and used it an hr later, but if i dont want to use it right then and there i leave it to dry over night

I always spray outside, it has a very strong smell which will stick with the bag a few days but wears away, but keep even the sprayed bag in a ventelated area right after cause it smells :smile:

but again thats me, i think lexie doesnt spray hers as close or as much as i do mine, i think she may do a coat let it dry overnight, then another?
but i havent had any issues with what i do :smile:


Nov 7, 2006
That's a good idea about spraying extra on the bottom, I haven't thought about it. I try to spray outside too, or since I usually do this at night, I just spray in the garage. I hold it about 5 to 6 inches away and give it a good even coat. Then I leave it to dry about 30 minutes to an hour, and I spray again. I'll do this 3 times. If you use the bag frequently, you should spray often.


Sep 17, 2007
STILL east of HawkeyTown
Love the idea of extra on the bottom! You can get a leather protectant at any shoe and/or leather shop. I would stick to a quality brand name. I'm currently using an Ecco. I'm sure there are just a few manufacturers of spray and they just print custom labels. But quality in, quality out is my mantra.
Feb 19, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio
I have used both Wilson's and Appleguard, both work about the same.

I spray every single bag I own whether it is canvas, leather, coated canvas or nylon. I do only one medium coat and always spray outside, letting it dry for an hour or so.

Know that your bag will look somewhat wet but it dries over time.


Apr 30, 2007
New York City!!
^^^I've never thought about putting more on the bottom but it makes so much sense! I don't use spray, I use lovinmybags, but I do it to all my bags, even the dark ones. I find that I reapply more frequently on my lighter colored bags though.


Jun 6, 2007
New York
Does the water protectant protect against other things like dirt or stains from blue jeans/dark clothes? Is that just too much to hope for?