Do you use Personal Trainer?

  1. Just wondering if any of you use PT? If not, how do you decide on what exercises to do? They are quite expensive so I wonder if I should just exercise by myself. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I am currently using a personal trainer. I only did it to jump start my workout. You can save money if you just use some of the resources on the internet or check out some magazines. I'm not going to use my PT anymore because it does get expensive, especially if you have a gym membership also. If you are looking for some exercises to do, you can check out They have a lot of good info and the forum is also really helpful too.

    My routine looks like this:
    Monday:chest, arms, shoulders
    (arms) dumbbell bicep curls, barbell,overhead tricep extensions,(chest)incline chest press,(shoulders) overhead shoulder press

    Tuesday:30 min cardio

    Wednesday: legs, back,abs
    lunges, Romanian deadlift, leg presses, sumo squats, barbell squats,rows, incline crunches, hanging leg raises, plank position(2 minutes) flutter kicks (2 mins)

    Thursday: 30 min cardio

    Friday: full body workout

    Off on the weekends unless I missed a day of working out through the week.
  3. I used to hire one to get me jump started. Everyone can exercises on his or her own, but personal trainers are there for a reason. Use them for your weight training purposes. They will stand next to you and correct your form(s) will feel the burn. After that, then you can go on and do it on your own.

    If money is no object, I would hire one for life.
  4. i had one when i first starting working out around 18-19 years old - he trained me for about 4-5 months..he taught me all the basics and the rest i learned myself

    but yes, it is very helpful and motivating to have someone there
  5. I use one once a week and it's the best investment I've made for myself. The workout I do with her is my once a week really hard workout. What's great about it is that I have to find time to do cardio a couple more times a week just to make sure I can handle her workout. She does sort of a cardio/body conditioning workout. I never push myself as hard on my own and when I workout with her I do so I really am seeing an improvement in my speed and endurance.

    Also, she's always coming up with new exercises and combinations so that it never gets boring.
  6. i have one and work out with him 3x/week. best investment EVER!!!!!
  7. I jsut signed up with one a few weeks ago... 3 times a week. It is a great workout.. and I KNOW I would not be able to do it on my own - so for me it is a good investment!
  8. Ive worked with some excellent trainers, that cared about my body as much as I did.

    If there are certain goals you want to reach, I would suggest a trainer part time to give you the tools to help you with your momentum, and to put you on the right track.
  9. I used to but I didn't think it was worth all that money. Don't get me wrong, I had a great workout, but I still couldn't lose the fat on my thighs that has plagued me for years. I figure I'll save up and lipo it (which I could have gotten with all the money spent on the trainer) and then maybe spend some $ on a trainer to tone more after. I workout on my own now but definitely didn't do it as well as with a trainer.

    Funny thing though, I actually got fatter with the trainer because I was eating too much. The trainer I was with for the longest time had me eating low carb but it ended up being higher calories so I gained weight. And it wasn't just muscle either. All of my clothing was tighter.
  10. ^ you needed a different trainer! LOL!

    Seriously though:yes:
  11. I use a PT 3 times a week for the last 3 years......she really keeps me on track and motivated, and is VERY strict!!! I get too lazy if I try to work out by myself, so I need that little extra push to keep me going!