do you use/own a smaller scaled wristlet?

  1. Hey all, I'm currently debating my last purchase of the suede wristlet. I was packing up for tomorrow (first time in my life):P and i put my new little wallet in it.. and that was it, totally took up the middle. But i love the color and the suede, but if i cant find a use for it, it'll drive me crazy lol. so i'm wondering, especially since i know many of you gals love bigger bags, how do you use them?
  2. I own 1 wristlet, I have used it alot this summer mine is big enough to hold my i.d., some money and my cell, I have taken it to the pool, when on vaction this summer it was my wallet, I also love my big don't get me wrong but the one I won is the perfect size.

    I actually want another one to match my newest bag the Chelsea signature optic turn lock hobo I would love the matching wristlet!!:love:
  3. Yeah most of my bags are pretty roomy and I have a lot of junk so I use wristlets as seperate compartments, lol. I rarely carry them on their own. My larger wristlets are the only ones I've used alone as clutches when I'm going out to dinner or something.
  4. I used to be obsessed with wristlets, so I have a small collection, lol. I used to put my money in them and then put them in the matching bag, I've used them to go out, and right now I have 2 in my computer bag (which has no pockets:Push:smile:- 1 for my money because I forgot to put all my stuff in my wallet, and the other for my phone or iPod and my ashtma inhaler. They're good for organizing stuff and keeping important stuff accessible.
  5. I use them for a night out when I don't really want to carry a lot. Also, if I'm headed someplace (either for the day or travelling) where there is a bunch of stuff in my bag...I'll attach it to the bag handles and put my cell and keys in it or something.
  6. if i use it in my purse, it ends up being a change purse. i've also used it for my ipod, like someone else mentioned.
    other than that, i only use it for those long nights when i know i'm going to end up, ahem, intoxicated. i would rather leave behind a wristlet than a bag, you know?
  7. I have a ton of them..I use them alone or depending on the size of the bag I'm using I use them to orgainze other stuff in my purse....I also buy them to coordinate with my other purses....I wear them hooked on the strap and use them as a cell phone holder or for whatever....I like to dreass up my bags and personalize them a bit....!!:heart: Emmy
  8. I have two. One I use for my digicam and one for organizing small stuff in my bag like makeup. :flowers:
  9. You already know how I use it probably. =) It holds my digicam and ID when I go out.
  10. I used my small wristlet extensively while I was on vacation. It was the perfect thing to clip in my beach bag to hold my money, room key, and cell phone. It was also cute to take out to dinner and not have to worry about lugging a huge bag around.
  11. see im thinking if i dont use my new wallet with it, i could make it work, but i spent more on the wallet lol..but my other big wristlet screams coach, and i dont mind it at work, but i've always felt funny using it when im in classes. why does it have to be so adorable! lol..
  12. when I use my wristlet, I don't use a wallet. If it can fit, I will use a Skinny Mini to hold my money and cards, otherwise, I leave everything loose in there. Usually if I go out and just need the bare minimum, I use that...I have also used it for my digi cam and cell phone.
  13. when you guys carry your cameras in it, is it just as a wristlet? or do you keep it in there and then put it in your bag?
  14. I have 2 Coach signature wristlets and i use them to carry my Ipod nano or cell phone, pocket change, money, lip gloss etc. They are actually very useful and a great size for traveling or shopping.