Do you use or hoard your Tokis?


Do you use your Tokis?

  1. Of course! All of them! Why buy them otherwise

  2. No way! They are staying safely in my personal museum

  3. Weeeelll, Just some of them

  4. Yes, but only because I keep a spare of the same!

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  1. I can never understand when my best friend spends tons of money on Marc Jacobs, YSL, LV etc etc, only to hoard them safely in her wardrobe.:confused1: My MJ, BV and LVs etc are used to death..afterall, why buy them just to keep them :p

    But in the very same breath, I feel totally protective over my Toki bags! I lurve the original print. Being a late adopter, I'd to scour the local auctions just to acquire a brand new authentic Bella, and 2nd hand ciao. Needless to say, I will never get pass the stage of bella out of the packaging for more than 10min, much even less dream of using it! Maybe the used ciao has a better chance, since it's been used.....

    The only one I'm using is my Cita BV....and it was by no means an easy process which spanned 3 mths! and taken in baby steps, like cutting the tag, and then putting it back to the packaging for more weeks before finally crossing the line!

    So let me know what the rest of you do with your bags?:p
  2. I use every single one of mine, except the Paradiso BV because I've just had no use for it yet. I bought it because it had my perfect print placement. But yeah, I don't "collect" my bags.
  3. I use them but I'm totally over-protective, maybe coz I just got them recently.

    I found myself yelling at my mom at the mall, I had to pee so I gave her my zucca, and I saw her holding it a little too low and I was like 'what are you doing?! don't let it touch the floor!!!' even though it was still VERY far from touching it.

    I'm crazy. :weird:
  4. Well I intend to use all of them. So far I only used my inferno gioco. I finally got a can of scotchgard (they didn't have it at the two target I went to; I ended up getting it at walmart) and just spray my paradiso and foresta. So I will finally be using them soon. I was too worried about dirtying them.
  5. I use all of my bags. I really try to spread them out when buying so that I don't let one just wither away. I haven't used my regular toki bag yet, but that's because i'm still in love with the spiaggia & amore. *sigh*. But yes, all of my bags have been out more than 5 times except that one...and one bag, my citta rosa bella, that thing has been used SO much hahahhahaha. That was my first bag :biggrin:
  6. I dont use all of my bags. I enjoy collecting them as well as using them. I really want to use my original print bags but I just can't. I look at them as more of a collectors item. I really enjoy collecting them but I do wish it was a cheaper habit.
  7. I use my bags but in spurts...such as if there's a special occasion or what not. I don't like using the LV or the Dior as a "daily" bag but I use all my COACH ones to death because they're less likely to get dirty and I have them in all sorts of colors to match with my wardrobe. I just started getting into TOKI but I imagine I'll use them often since they're really fun to carry around. I feel that I'm making a fashion statement =P
  8. I hoard, hoard, hoarddddd them!!!! lmao

    Well so far I've only used my inferno campeggio and right now I'm using the pirata gioco. I guess it's mainly cuz I'm too lazy to switch bags all the time. Plus like everyone else I am extremely protective of my toki bags. Any time someone rubs up against my bag I gasp and pull my bag away from them .. :biggrin: and I think to myself .. don't touch my bag!
  9. I've used roughly half of my collection ;) I just cant find the time or reason to use them all yet tho. but when I do they will be used! just not to the point of decay lol
  10. I use them, but like with any brand of bag if I realize I haven't used one for awhile and probably won't use it much again...I sell it.
  11. i haven't used ALL my bags yet, but i know i will at a point! i don't feel the need to use them right away. but i promise i don't hoard! :p i only buy one bag per print anyway.

    except i DID use my very first bag right away because well, it was my first one! LOL.
  12. I used the crap out of my Foresta MM, but it started getting dirty and even though I got it cleaner, it still looks grungy to me so I won't take it out anymore.

    Then I bought myself a bella in fumo, an amore and a spiaggia MM and all three have been stain guarded twice on the inside and twice on the outside, so there shouldn't be any worry about staining right? But of course, I've become too chicken to use them even though they're all really nice bags. I keep telling myself that once I get my Foresta spick and span and stain guarded I'll use the other bags as well, but that has yet to happen :sad:
  13. i use my bags all the time. i think there are a couple that i haven't used yet, but hopefully i can find uses for them. i used my inferno zucca so much when i got it. its resting now while i use my bv spiaggia. i don't think i could spend all this money and not use them.
  14. I use most of mine on a regular basis, it depends on how I"m feeling that day as to which I take. I went to a regional meeting for my company a few weeks ago, and took 4 bags with me, just so I could wear a different bag every day and show them off. I'm very proud of them. I mainly tend to carry my Foresta BV, Amore Stellina, and Spaiggia Zucca. But the Playground get some use most of the time too. The only one I don't take out much is the cammo Black MM, I'm just not too turned on by it. I wil probally sell it and buy a caramella instead so that I still have the pattern, but it won't be as visible..
  15. I immediately carried my original print bella as it was my first bag, but then became extremely paranoid about it getting dirty. So then I got Pirata and Inferno and used them since they were a darker print. Then I found out about the Scotchguard and immediately sprayed all my bags. Then I got a Camo Bella Bella and realized I did like the bigger size. I carried until I got my precious.... my Spiaggia Zucca. I love it so much. I try not to show favoritism but I think my other bags are starting to get the hint. The originial print is actually my fav but I'm still so paranoid about it getting dirty so I only take it out for special occassions. I have a Citta Ciao on the way. I know it's too small for everyday but I love the pink haired lady so I hope to someday acquire a Citta Zucca as well. But between bags, clothes and jewelry I make sure I have on something Tokidoki everyday. :woohoo: