Do you use non-Mulberry bags?

  1. I find that I use one of my Mulberry bags every day, I feel a bit disloyal if I use something else. What about you?

    I'd love a black Bayswater, but I can't afford one, so I am considering using a black Vanilla Birkin-a-like I bought ages ago while I save up. I feel a bit 'meh' about using it though. So, am I a crazy lady for thinking like this? :wlae:
  2. Yes I use my Orla Kiely bags, also a cerise pink leather Tabitha/Orca bag, a tan leather Ollie & Nic bag and a green leather gap bag, aswell as my mulberries. I have other bags, but these are the ones I use most often due to their size, convenience etc.
  3. I also use my Orla Kiely bag, my longchamp le pliage and my daisy doo bag by alison van der lande. I seem to keep my mulberries for 'best'. I should use them more!
  4. I rotate bags a lot, and currently use Mulberry, LV, Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen.
  5. I use my Mulberry bags every day :yes: (I also use a LeSportsac messenger but that's my baby's changing bag so that doesn't count :lol:)

    I don't use any of my high street bags any more - like you, I feel "meh" about them. I used to bring out my Gap leather satchel if was raining but now I just use the Joni :roflmfao: Actually, I've also got a red Marc Jacobs bag that doesn't seem to mind the rain so I'll probably use that a bit over the winter.

    I've got another Marc Jacobs & a Tods bag that I'm not really using at the moment as I've gone off the colours (pale pink & pale blue :s). I'm keeping them, though, as I'm sure I'll like them again in the future
  6. I also use chloe, mui mui , and I have 1 luella bag
  7. I love my Radley signature bags. I also use a Gucci, Russell and Bromley apple green saddle bag and a DKNY which is ideal when clothes shopping.
    I seem to have a bag for every thinkable occasion!!
  8. Rachiem your post reminded me that I also have a radley messenger bag in antique brown leather, that I use when I need to be 'hands free' ... its very handy but I dont use it that often :tup:
  9. I rotate handbags quite a bit - I just went back to my Banana Republic from an East-West Bayswater (black).

    I rotate between - Mulberry - Banana Republic - Pergolesi - Francesco Biasia - Mulberry.
  10. i own a mulberry roxanne but i also use my balenciagas...they are soo light compared to roxanne! anyways...i :heart: my roxanne to death so i dont mind she's heavy!
  11. I got lots of Gucci! I'm a Gucci gal :p Also have Miu Miu (my first love), Moschino, Prada, Cole Haan and some no-name brands. Just start collecting Mulberry :nuts: Prefer leather bags to fabric ones, a better investment. And Mulberry leather is TDF.
  12. I'm eclectic. I have a Celine Boogie Bag; a Gucci Messenger that I use for travel; a Belen Echandia matte white Clutch Me, and a Chocolate Stroke Me (also for travel). I have a black Gerard Darel 24 Heures. I have Mulberry Black Rosemary; and I have a Black Gryson Hobo and a Hogan tan hobo. I adore all my bags. I am gravitating to Mulberry and plan to add a Roxanne, and a Bayswater, budget permitting. I use all my bags, and when they fall out of use, I give them away.
  13. I have two Mulberry bags (Blenheim and Boston Scotchgrain). I have two Gucci bags, one Prada and two Coccinelle bags. One of the Coccinelle bags is for sale on e-bay at the moment-I have not used it for more than one year, so it needs to go.:sad:
  14. Only for evenings, my Mulberrys are great tough everydayers but for a bit of evening glam I dig out something else, usually Gucci :graucho:
  15. I do! A bit of gucci here and there and I must admit I am lusting after an epi speedy!