Do you use more than one facial mask?

  1. I just bought a facial mud mask, even though I use a peel off mask as well. Do you ladies, say, use just one mask throughout, or use a few different ones throughout your routine?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I only use one....from MD Forte.
  3. I use a few different ones...My favorite is from the the Sanitas line
  4. I have a turmeric mask which I use during the summer (it's really good with absorbing the oils)
    Also a pineapple cucumber mask that dries like a plastic coating and can be peeled off, I alternate between them and they're both from Himalaya Herbal
  5. I definitely use several. La Mer - Refining Mask, Eminence - Pumpkin and Yam Mask, Origins - the white stuff, name I forget, Dermalogica and something else. I love masks... maybe a little too much, but I use it only about once a month or so.
  6. I use a lot of different masks.... Valmont, Cellcosmet, Caudalie, Eminence, Juvena.... I try to use 1 mask everyday.
  7. Balenciagalove: re: the creme de la mer masks - are those the 7 step series? Does anyone know about this?
  8. I love using all types of masks... Biotherm Detox masque, Kiehl's Deep cleaninsg masque, Clarins aromatic plant purifying masque, Dermalogica skin refining mask, Kiehl's Soothing gel masque, etc...
  9. Yes. Sometimes I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, and sometimes I use regular old pearl powder mixed with a little water.
  10. i use a handful of different masks depending on what's the problem with my skin. I've a hydrating mask, a clay mask, a balancing mask and others i do not remember... whoops!
  11. I just used Clarins Beauty Flash as a mask and I loved it! I wasn't sure how to use it (primer or moisterizer or cleanser :confused1: ) and the SA suggested to use it as a mask.
  12. Definitely! they serve different purposes. Kiehls Soothing Gel masque for soothing/hydrating, Kiehls Rare Earth Masque for deep-cleaning pores, Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for a weekly peel
  13. I use DIY aspirin mask to help clear my tiny bumps, Origins clay mask, Shiseido's Purifying Mask and Peter Thomas Roth's Oxygen Mask. All of them are great and I rotate them. :smile:
  14. I alternate between a hydrating mask in winter and more of a clay mask in summer and I use a microdermabrasion once every couple of weeks. Seems to keep my pores cleaned out.