Do you use little baggies to switch from purse to purse?

  1. And if so, which ones do you use?

    I can't find any....I saw Hilary Clinton on Oprah once and she had these little bags that held her purse belongings so she could switch purses easily....

  2. I don't use little baggies, but I do use a Purseket. I love it & it's very easy to switch between purses!
  3. No and I don't use an organizer either. My grandmother sews extremely well and I am thinking of sending her a link to one of the sites to see if she can make one like it. I do have a small-clutch type bag inside usually, w/ advil, hair ties, band aids, etc.
  4. what is a purseket?
  5. Those are a good idea. Are they just fabric with sewn dividers, or is there more to it?

    I need something like that. My purse ends up a mess.
  6. Nope. I put the purses on the bed and dig everything out and put it in the new purse and then take the purse I transferred out of and hold it upside down and shake it to make sure nothing small is left inside.
  7. Yes, I use organizer bags in various sizes and it's GREAT for switching between needing to take the kitchen sink when going out all day with the toddler, a short trip with the toddler or just me. I just simply remove a whole organizer or put it in.
  8. For me, it's really easy to switch from bag to bag..which I do almost everyday. I keep everything in like 3-4 little pouches that fit into my bags. I have various Coach wristlets and pen cases that I keep things like pens, makeup, etc. in. It's convenient for me :tup:

    Oh yeah, and I use my LV agenda as a wallet sometimes to lessen the load. My wallet gets heavy!!
  9. Here's what I do:

    1. Open dust bags and tell each girl how pretty they are and that they are a good bag and a pretty bag.
    2. Finally make an selection
    3. Remove the selected bag from the dustbag. Hug her.
    4. Lay the newly selected bag on the bed.
    5. Take previously carried bag. Hug her.
    6. Dump everything out of the bag onto the bed.
    7. Tuck that bag into her dustbag. Kiss her goodnight.
    8. Stare in shock at number of gum wrappers and receipts.
    9. Throw away gum wrappers and receipts.
    10. Put non-trash items into newly selected bag.
    11. Hug bag.
  10. ME TOO! Minus the hugs...and I also wipe my bags down with a soft dry cloth to make sure there is no dust, etc...on them before I very cerimoniously smooth them out etc... and carefully lay them in their dustbags.
    My kids think I am a nut case.....:true:
  11. I baby wipe my bags down too....
    I hate coins and just chuck them in the bottom of my bag... so i HAVE TO reorganise when i switch bags otherwise it feels like I carry 10kg extra weight!!
  12. VooDoo you are too funny! I don't quite get the purseket thing-isn't that the whole point of having the purse, to carry your stuff?? Not more stuff to carry more stuff??