Do you use key chains as bag charms or as a keychain?

  1. i just purchased the disco ball key chain...and was wondering, do you guys who own it or other LV key chains, use them as a key chain or just hang them off of your bags?
  2. I have the Fleurs keychain plus a brown plastic flower keychain that my SA gave me. I use both as purse charms.
  3. well the only LV keychain i have is my pastilles and i def use that as a charm on bag or braclet hehe i think it would look um urr ughhhh weird on my keychain! :smile:

    but the disco ball is so cute!! i probably would use it as a keychain unless, you have a LOT of keys and then it gets "outshined" hehe
  4. I normally use it as the bag charm!!!
  5. I normally use them as bag charms as well!
  6. I am not game to use mine as a keychain so they decorate my bags. I have worn the pastilles as a bracelet a couple of times though.
  7. I use my pastilles keychain as a bag charm
  8. I have the Speedy inclusion keychain and just got the MC fleurs keychain today. I was planning to use the Fleurs as a keychain but honestly it turned out to be impractical due to the number and types of keys I have. Instead it's decorating my Neverful and looking oh so cute. :smile:
  9. I use my pastilles keychain as a bag charm too. It is too pretty to be scratched and mixed with the many keys that I have. Plus, my DH said LV keychains are meant to decorate your bag(s) and they serve no practical purposes for use. That is why I only use mine with my bags and I always get compliments from friends. :yes::love:
  10. I have the fleur keychain and i used it as a bag charm and hung it on whichever bag I'm using. Currently its on my Miumiu. Besides its too pretty to be used with keys and kept inside the bag rite?! :graucho:
  11. I use them as charms.
    I tend to stick to just one bag, so if I want to mix things up during the day, I'll do something with a key chain, scarf, etc.

    I need something big (relatively), like a cles, so I don't lose my keys, anyway.
  12. I use all my Key Chains and Cell Phone Chains as BAG CHARMS too.

    Its a great way to decorate all your bags without over doing it.

    I have a Damier 4 Key Holder to put my keys in.

    Congrats on your Disco Ball Key Holder! :tup:

    I've seen one of those at my Local LV and it is beautiful.
  13. I only have one LV key chain, but I have always used it as a charm. I also use my cles as a bag charm, too. I would hate to see my keychain get banged up by actual keys!
  14. I have 2. I use one as a keychain and once I tire of that one, I will use the other as a keychain.
  15. I use all my keychains as charms only. My pile of keys is too huge to add one more thing!
    Besides, the LV keychains are really way to pretty to hide!