Do you use "helpers"??

  1. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit it, but I have become quite a fan of those meal helpers like Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, Supper Bakes by Campbell's, etc. My husband introduced me to them, I was kinda appalled at them before. I though it was so lazy to use them but once I tried them and saw how EASY and YUMMY they are, wow, I'm a fan! I know they are not nearly as healthy as cooking from scratch but oh well.

    I'm a newlywed and busy grad student so if I can save time making dinner then it's worth it. My favorite one so far is Hamburger Helper Cheesy Enchilada (I use ground turkey instead). I think it was the first meal my DH and I made together. Am I the only one who likes these?
  2. No, I make them sometimes--I like Rice Oriental and the Cheesy Tuna casserole ones--they are quick, and if you add in some extra veggies near the end of cooking, fairly balanced meals.
  3. They taste good but are too fattening.
  4. I love the Supper Bakes! I don't think they sell them in Canada, so I haven't been able to make it for my boyfriend. Maybe I'll get some next time I have my mom send me stuff.
  5. I don't buy them... too processed for me. Most of them have white flour pasta in them, and we only eat whole wheat now.

    Instead of using "helpers" I came up with recipes that can be cooked in 30 minutes or less... because I'm busy too.
  6. I don't use them. I usually cook things from scratch so when I make a semi-made dish, they taste so artificial to me.
  7. Well, for me it has to do with clean-up too. I'd rather clean one dish than a couple, ya know. I'm lazy, I admit it, but I'd rather have the extra study time and cuddle time with DH. That's just me. At least til school is over very soon, yes!!
  8. I am guilty of using them... It's convenient but I can't eat them too often. I need some real food from scratch once in awhile! :smile:
  9. i absolutely love them
  10. ^ ditto! especially Hamburger Helper. MMMMMMMM. they may be bad for you, but in moderation, you'll be fine.
  11. I have these small Hamburger Helper packs (like Easy Mac?) that I pop into the Microwave when there's nothing else to eat and when I don't feel like cooking.
  12. I use them on occasion, like maybe 4 times a year. I try to stay away from items that are as processed as these Helpers are.
  13. No, I've never tried them, don't think I will either.

    I'm vegetarian for the most and it's pretty easy and quick to prepare veggie meals.

    I do however need three key ingredients at all times, a good mushroom or veggie stock cutes, soy sauce and granulated garlic.
  14. Over here we have these 'go cook' meals. All the meat is sliced and the vegetables and the noodles or whatever and you just chuck it in a pan and 5 minutes later you have a healthy well balanced meal!
  15. Not much, really. The only helpers I use a bit more are canned pasta sauce and mac n cheese boxes lol.