Do you use French Toast for your kids uniforms? Codes/Discounts/Sales

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    Act Now! Offer Valid: 2/4/08 to 2/10/08
    Linking from this email will automatically apply your discount at when you place your order. In the event that it does not, please use code QE8BD1 at check out. Can not be combined with other offers. Offers good for orders at only, no phone orders. Can not be put toward previous purchase. Offer only valid 2/4/08 to 2/10/08. These specials do not apply to previous orders or phone orders. Discount applies to merchandise only, and does not include embroidery services.
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    This offer expires 2/10/08 11:59 EST, Offer Code: QE8BD1
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    I hope this is ok to post here, please send me a message if not, but I assume a few of you send your children to private schools...anyway, French Toast is great...We also have Dennis Company in Portland, but one skort is close to 50.00. the FT items are JUST as high quality and the shirts, tights, pants, socks...all are great! There are also great sales,codes, etc....let me know if I should continue to post this info or not...thank you!

  2. omg. i remember wearing french toast as a kid!!! nice to know they still exist! =D