Do you use extenders for your Mirroir pochettes?

  1. Just wondering. Is the strap any longer than the one on the epi pochette?
  2. It's pretty long so you don't HAVE to use an extender if you don't want to. But I actually hook my bolt keyring to my gold one (in the hole on the strap and on the hardware of the strap) and it looks and works great!
  3. Here's a picture of the extender on my pochette
  4. Whats the difference between a bolt keyring and an extender? I think I saw that keyring at the store and I though that was the extender! :confused1:

    Thanks for the pic!
  5. It's the same thing actually. It's not TECHNICALLY an extender, it's a keyring (the official model name is the Bolt Keyring), but it can be used as an extender. I didn't even know about it until I got my very first bag, the mono pochette and the SA hooked it on and showed me that I'd be able to get a couple more inches out of the strap with it on there.
  6. I think its the same thing....its a keychain/extender...whatever you want to use it for I think.:smile:
  7. lvbabydoll, that does look great!
  8. Thanks!

    Also to the OP I think there's one that's technically for the epi line and it's in a silver color (though I think it's brushed so it's matte, not shiny like the gold one) and can be used on the silver pochette. :yes:
  9. I bought this as a keyring for years and suddenly it became a pochette extender literally overnight... okay maybe about a decade later. ooohh but the price makes me faint! Well at least LV did make a silver one to match the epi line.

    OT... Love the way it adds more pazazz to your miroir Lvbabydoll. :love:
  10. Lol I know. I don't know who came up with the idea, but it was a good one. I love not having my pochettes so far under my arm :lol:
    And thanks! It makes it hang down just enough..I LOVE carrying the gold pochette :love:
  11. I am so glad the miroir pochette has a strap that's long enough, or else I'd have to dish out another $125 CDN or so to buy the silver extender since the one I have is gold!
  12. If I remember correctly they were $150 CDN when I last checked. :hrmm:
  13. Ok, thanks.
  14. Shows how up to date I am with Canadian prices :lol:
  15. Has the rippling gotten any worse on your mirroir pochette?