Do you use chopsticks when you eat Asian food?

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  1. I love to make (and eat!) Asian food. For some reason, I can only eat it with chopsticks. It just doesn't feel right if I eat it with a fork - how funny!

    So how do you eat your Asian food?
  2. I don't know how to use chopsticks.

    And I don't want to use those idiot-proof chopsticks (the ones that are joined at the top) because that's cheating.
    Also, anyone who pulls those out at a Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Korean restaurant would just look ridiculous.

    I just use a fork.
  3. i always use chopsticks! i live by them ;]
  4. i'm asian and i dont always use i eat my rice with a spoon!
  5. LOL - now that's funny!
  6. for me it depends. sushi...always chopsticks. chinese food...chopsticks only if i'm at the restaurant. i had chinese takeout earlier and i used a fork. anything involving rice...definitely a spoon.
  7. I definitely use chopsticks (or spoons for soup) whenever I eat, I don't own any forks :upsidedown:

    When I lived in America, I used chopsticks to cook food, but I used a fork to eat it. Somehow all of my forks magically disappeared when I moved back to Taiwan. :shrugs:

    Oh, and this chopstick tutorial is for caitlin1214 :flowers:
  8. I'm the same way...but my parents told me that vietnamese don't use chopsticks for everything like the chinese do, just for noodles....forks and spoons are so much easier and faster to use with our dishes!

    It's funny because in asian restaurants, my husband (who is white) always asks for chopsticks and they automatically bring one for me and him. And then I just eat with a fork/spoon....or the other way around, when I want a fork and they assume it's for him....
  9. Yes, always. I love eating with chopsticks for some reason.

    Oh, and I've seen my brother eat noodles with chopsticks, and not Asian noodles. I'm talking that Noodle Roni stuff in a box.
  10. I can relate ... BF is white and likes the chopstick thing but I'm chinese and sometimes I get a bit tired of using them. The really cheap wooden ones that don't break evenly will hurt my fingers after a while
  11. Nope I use a fork
  12. I always use chopsticks.
  13. i use chopsticks most of the time. i can't do it with jasmine rice though. i also can't stand it when restaurants use those slippery plastic oversized chopsticks, food goes flying! lol
  14. Unless it's western food, pretty much chopsticks all the time.
  15. I can totally relate, OP! I just cannot eat Asian food (except Thai) witha fork or spoon... it feels really weird, like I'm wearing my shoes on the wrong feet LOL

    I have to say, though, I can eat non-Asian food with chopsticks, no problem! I always cook pasta with chopsticks - I just find it easily to manipulate in the boiling water. Sometimes if I'm being really lazy, I'll just grab a pair of chopsticks out of the drawer and pick at whatever I've got in front of me, Asian or not!