Do you use base shaper for your Le Pliage?

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  1. I finally got my first le pliage! I haven't used it yet but is it wise to put a base shaper in first? I have base shapers in my LV Neverfulls but unsure about this bag.
    Thanks ladies! :smile:
  2. Yes, I do! I think it looks so much better!

  3. What kind do you use? I'm considering getting one for my small LH Le Pliages.
  4. Sometimes I do depending on what I'm using it for, when I do I use the Purse to go.
  5. Well, my husband cut one from a sheet of plexiglass (he's very handy!) so that is what I use. I think I have seen them on ebay before:smile:
  6. I've never used a base shaper in my LP but I have another bag that needs a base shaper - I made one out of rubber foam. It's cheap, not too stiff and sturdy enough to give a natural looking shape.
  7. That is a great idea too!
  8. I have a purse to go but I fold up a towel as a base for my bag so that it doesn't sag and look natural at the same time
  9. No... I actually like the way the Le Pliage kinda sags when emptier...
  10. I use the Purse To Go organizers. I like that they don't make the totes look too structured, just the right amount of slouchy.
  11. I actually like them slouchy, but if I had one of the mini hand helds, I could see how that kind might look better shaped.
  12. nope i dont!
  13. I use my Purse to Go Organizer, love the additional pockets. I also use a base shaper in all of my bags and totes (hate the sag).
  14. I use a purseket, it doesn't have a base so the bag still has some slouch along the bottom, with some structure from the organiser.
  15. I just got my first Longchamp- Le Pliage - the medium tote with long handles, and I think I'm going to love it, but I can tell that I'd be happier if the bottom did not sag so much.

    I'm thinking of ordering a base shaper for it, but I also want a purse organizer too- I am wondering if a purse organizer will act as a base shaper, or not. In other words- if I use a purse organizer will that alone prevent sag, or do I need both an organizer and a base shaper. I want an organizer to keep all my stuff organized so I can find it easily.

    Any feedback appreciated!

    - Jen