Do you use Avon?

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  1. There seems to be a lot more nays and yays...I guess in this case you really do get what you pay for.
  2. I've got their balancing lotion?, it's so so, but a bit greasy.

    I have some REALLY OLD glimmer sticks in silver and dark green. One bottle of their old Nail Polish in Rasberry Ice (very old, 1992?) right before that color was discontinued. The matching lip stick I had died...and never found a dupe.
  3. I guess like another post said it's a hit or miss thing. I have ordered some hair brushes from Avon though over the years and really liked them. They last forever. Though I haven't purchased in a while, if i remember the nail polishes are pretty good too. I'm always tempted to get something as a co-worker sells it but I never end up ordering. I think their jewelry is cute and there's some cute lingerie now and then.
  4. I have bought a couple products from a co-worker just to keep her from pestering me a few years ago. Never used them even once... don't know where I stashed them either.

    To wait for products to come in is never my style as I do not have the patience... if I need something quick and cheap, drugstore / grocery store buys is almost the best bets after most other stores have closed (talking about party time after 10pm now).
  5. I don't use their make-up stuff but I do love their nail polishes (Nailwear pro) and their "Extra Firming" body lotion. My mom does use their eye pencils and their lipstick/lip pencils and she thinks they're good for the price.
  6. I didn't actually think much of Avon prior. I think I tried something from their skin care line a long time ago and it make me breakout. However recently with someone in the family being a rep I've managed to try quite a bit. I really do like their makeup and find it to be good quality. Ofcourse you will find something a hit or miss just like with everything else. I returned away a liquid eye shadow because the color didn't show at all.
    I now search for swatches from bloggers before I buy anything because sometimes shades shown in the brochure can be way off.
    I do like their true color blushes (nice study packaging and finely milled), smooth minerals lip glosses are fantastic and non sticky, and regular lipsticks. Because I could try quite a few and return some with no problem I finally found what fits my skin tone. Sadly light shades completely wash me out. If you want a neutral lipstick I really recommend Twig in beyond color. Oh and the mark line has a liquid eyeliner and it is so precise!
  7. Haven't used Avon for a while but when i did i didn't like it. For me it was the same quality as the sort of kits your would get a 13 year old, no pigmentation to eyeshadows. I'd rather buy cheaper items from cheap brands. Has it gotten better with time though?
  8. I haven't used Avon in years. I also don't recall any bad experiences and I would check out their products again if I knew someone that sold it. LOL
  9. I use their ultra luxury eyeliners. They are the only eyeliners I'll use! You can catch them on sale for $1.99 sometimes.
  10. I am an Avon rep (only became one as I could never find anyone to order from). I only order for myself, my mom and every now and again for a few ladies at work.

    I don't use their makeup (the odd thing or two I do from time to time) but I do like some of their skin care (Anew, Mark). I also like some of their body products.
  11. I use their skin so soft oil daily its wonderful!!
  12. I love their nail polishes, especially the speed dry ones. They usually go on sale for $1.99 each.
  13. No
    I also know that the 2 companies that use the most harmful chemicals in their products are Avon and Revlon.
  14. I haven't used much of their products but 2 things i remember that were really good were their lipstick and eyebrow pencil. The brow pencil was really good and soo cheap that I bought 20 at once.