Do you use Avon?


Nov 21, 2006
Do you use Avon? Their prices are great but it's hard for me to buy a beauty product without testing it first (especially when it comes to scented products). If you do use Avon, do you use skin care, make up or both?


Aug 2, 2008
I loved ordering from Avon and Oriflame when I was a kid, but I never do that now. The quality is not that good. I used to have acne and their products absolutely didn't help. The eyeshadows were not too pigmented either. But I don't know, it's been a long time really, so it's possible that the quality got better over the years.


Dare To Be Different
Jun 8, 2008
I have been purchasing from Avon for years. I love mark. self sanctuary scent mists. They have a lot of random scents and I don't know why but I just like them and collect them.

I have 2 pair of tweezers from them that I really like (though I'm currently waiting for my very first pair of Tweezermans to come in the mail).

I do like their skin care. It seems to be not as harsh as normal drugstore products. Not sure if that is just in my head though.

I like some of their slippers and I got a cute crossbody quilted bag in royal purple that I love.

As for makeup I tended to gravitate more towards the mark. line. I have some of their older foundations but I'm currently leaning more towards minerals (I haven't tried Avon's mineral line). The lip glosses are fine, I like most of the mark. ones. In Dec. I got Avon's gorgeous lip gloss in lovely and I'm lovin that color. I have a blush from mark. that is a pretty color and goes on nicely. Over the last year I started using a different brand of cosmetics that was cheaper so I haven't purchased as much from Avon.

In all I'd say if you aren't sure try a few things when they are on sale (I've noticed their sales change on Fridays). If you sign up for emails they always give you codes for free shipping. If you don't like it then you don't have to go back. Read the reviews on their site for whatever product you are considering. They're usually pretty consistant with what people say is good or bad.


Dec 27, 2009
the South
No, I'd rather use drug store make-up/beauty items than Avon... everything I've ever tried was terrible


Princess Grace Ave
Jul 17, 2006
Spain & France
I do use random items from Avon. That have a lot of great products attached with reasonable price points. It's not like La Mer with a retail price that seems excessive to me.

Bag Lady 923

Mz. More
Sep 20, 2006
I use the Glimmersticks eye liner in Blackest Black, love it. Also I have some of the Mark eyeshadows and blushes and they are pretty darn good. I used to use more of their products when I was a rep. A lot of the stuff are hit and miss.


Jan 15, 2006
New Jersey
My sister sells so I get lots of freebies to try out or the returns and I have no complain other than the mascara's but I'm also very picky and nothing compares to DiorShow. Their nail polishes are awesome. I use the hair curler spray and gel from Mark, lovely smell and is true to what they rave. I'm not into their makeup stuff, except the make up remover is really moisturizing and not oily. I use their eyeliners which are pretty good too. So from what I've tried, I enjoy it :smile: