Do you use any leather products to treat/protect reg. Damier bags?

  1. I have used Wilson's leather protector on the handles of my Mono Speedy, but should I use anything to treat the leather on my regular Damier Speedy? I know Damier is pretty low maintenance, but do you have any suggestions for how to take care of it? Thanks!
  2. I use leather conditioner to keep the chocolate leather smooth and supple, but it's not really necessary since the leather is already treated anyway.

  3. I haven't put anything on my damier speedy 30 and mini papillon and don't plan on it. I think they are pretty much carefree bags. The only thing I've seen on some people's damier handles is wrinkling on the underside, don't know how one could prevent that other than maybe trying to have dry hands? if it's related somehow.
  4. tons of threads on this same topic in the reference section.
  5. i have never used any products on my bags, I am too scared to mess them up.
  6. ^Same here, I was strongly advised by my SA to never treat them. And besides, the Damier is pretty much self care anyway so you don't need to use any products on it.
  7. I think the wrinkling of the Damier handles is from the leather and how it's pulled really tight to cover the handle. I think when the hand grips the handle, it causes the leather to contract causing the wrinkles - this is my guess. Nothing to do with having wet hands holding the handle.

    My Damier Speedy 25 had this issue only on one of the handles. I haven't noticed it on my Damier Speedy 30 but I should go look at it.
  8. I use wilson's leather protector on all my mono bags but nothing on damier bags. I don't think damier needs any protecting.