Do you use an insert/purseket/chameleon in your Bbag?

  1. Do you use a purse organizer for your bbag? Who makes the best handbag organizer? I only know "Purseket", but their pattern are ugly. The solid color is fine...but will a "small" purseket be better for the FIRST or a "medium" size?? Which is a better fit? or anyone have any pictures...I think I really need a purse organizer :yes: Thanks!
  2. i never use a purse organizer in my b bags :p
    but i have several small purses like balenciaga mini purses, clutch, lv key chain cles to keep my things easy to find.
  3. Not for my B-Bags, all gotta hang loose KWIM?
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  5. the first is too small for the purseket. It would take up too much room

    :yes: mine too. they need to *breathe*

  6. I have many Pursekets for my LVs as they are structured bags that are able to fit a Purseket quick easily and very well.

    But my Bals are too floppy for Pursekets. I use a large cosmetic case such as my Prada envelope style case to put small things into. My wallet and Palm just goes directly into the bag.
  7. I think you ladies just save me some money! :wlae:
  8. I love my purseket, which works great in my city. It actually makes my handbag kind of stand up more. I have the 8-pocket one (?), I think. I don't know if it'd fit in a first, though.
  9. OK, forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is a "purseket"??? :shrugs:

    Would someone mind posting a picture?? :yes:
  10. The First is pretty small so no purseket is needed really. I used the medium red purseket for my rouge vif City for 2 wks straight and I learned to hate it. The purseket made the City looks too structure when you carry it and I really prefer my bbag to be slouchy and floppy.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I use a medium one in all of my Firsts. I like how it gives the bag some structure.
  13. Thanks! Wow, that seems like a lot for a be honest, it seems like it would just get lost in a City or larger as well--BBags are so squishy, which is why we love them...can't imagine putting something this structured in one...does anyone have a pic of one IN their BBag?
  14. i love how bbags drape (especially the big sizes) so i wouldn't want to put anything inside that inteferes with that. and i can't imagine you would need an organizer for a first since it's so small.
  15. I have a VIP liner which I received as a gift for Xmas....It's like a pouch which sits inside your bag. It has loads of pockets and zips so you just have to move the pouch to transfer your things!