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  1. Hi

    For those of you that have many Bbags- do you use them all? Do you switch off daily, monthly or by season? Do you use all the Bbags you have?
  2. Only have 2, and use both on and off :love:! Though I'm currently dying to break in my new rouge city so I'm trying to wear it more than the ink :shame:
  3. Yes, I use and LOVE all of them . . . every day matching with my outfits :yes:;):winkiss::yahoo::heart:
  4. i have 2 b-bags and i use them daily! i totally love them both!!!
  5. i use my work and city the most... the rouge twiggy is starting to darken in the handles... so im trying to use it less cuz i hate darkened handles (yes, even LV patinas) =)
  6. no, i have 10 now and only use larger ones, i havent used my sky blue twiggy or sky blue city in ages. i also have a blue denim leather color from around 04 which i havent used in ages. poor bags. they are good smooshy leather. i tend to use my black work, white work, bubblegum pink work and green canvas right now... i havent used my 2002 vintage firsts in years.. i loovvvvvvve bal bags.
  7. I use them if the outfit calls for one.

    I used my ice blue city last month for a few days - eggplant city not for a month and calcaire hobo not for many months.
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