Do you use all your bags?

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  1. Just curious.. do you use all of the bags in your collection, or do a lot of them just sit in the closet?

    I have two bags that I never use that just sit in the closet and I feel really guilty about it.
  2. I have about 40 bags so no I don't use them all but I do rotate and keep some that I love even though I may not be using them right now. I try and cull each season and it helps for pocket change for new bags. The criteria I use to cull is how much it is not getting used/loved.
  3. I rotate my bags in weekly, Chanel and Dior more so for weekends. I've spend a pretty penny on them and I'm going to make my monies worth :biggrin:
  4. I use about 1/4 of my collection. I end up using the same ones over and over, the standard colors. The pretty colors just sit in the closet or in their hat box.
  5. No :shame:
  6. Yes. I have four, and they are used seasonally. I used to have too many inexpensive bags and never carried most of them. Finally came to my senses. Whew. I look back on those days now and shudder. I am very glad to have the closet space back for other interests.
  7. I don't have many bags, so yes, I rotate them and use them all. There's no point for me to buy a pretty bag but hardly use it.
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one! At least its only two bags. I'm trying to sell them but no one wants them so I'm not sure whether to keep them in the closet just in case I like them one day, or give them away.
  9. I rotate using a method I start in a circle going left all around the closet every three days I have spring summer on one shelve fall winter on the other that way they get rotated my outfits are based on my bags it's odd but it works
  10. You bet! I also rotate them, to make that they're all properly loved :hbeat:
  11. I try, but too bad, there're a couple I've never get to use them. And some got used more often than the other. Well, I carry only one bag for a day. I do love what I have though.
  12. not all of them, but i use all my designer bags. the bags i don't use are random vintage non-designer finds i bought just because they're vintage, unique and i might not get a chance to get them again
  13. Nope. Eventually I will pack the unused ones up for consignment, but I have a serious case of 'I can't be bothered' at the moment.
  14. No
  15. Some more than others but I do use them all.

    I usually switch for the weekend (LV Speedy which I don't take to work because no one else there has LV) and back for the week (any of four LAMB or Coach but once I choose I use the same one all week).

    I have two small bags (Kate Spade and Michael Kors) that aren't big enough for daily use but I use them for church, parties, etc. when I only need a few things with me.

    I don't want more than this number (and maybe won't replace a couple when they wear out) because I wouldn't get enough use out of each one if I had too many.