Do you use all your bags????????

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  1. I can sadly admit that I rarely use my bags, and some I own I have never used, they just sit in their dustbags in my room. I feel so bad about it, but i doi not want them to get damaged by the rain etc -- I do not buy for practicallity, I buy for what I love therefore most my bags are not appropriate for every day

    Do you use all your bags.
  2. Not even close! That's why the storage of my bags is key. I always stuff my bags with some of tissue paper or airbag.

    I hate it when bags lose their shape!

    Speaking of which, what is the best way to protect canvas from moths?
  3. Alot of mine are fragile too but yes I use every one of them but they are like my babies and I am carefull with them. Use them and enjoy them thats why you purchased them! The only ones I don't use right away are LV with vachetta leather I let them sit by the window for months until the leather gets darker. If it isn't the same hue I go crazy.
  4. No some of my bags like a Fendi fur mama baguette, Chanel backpack, Prada nylon bag and Damier Alma just sits in my closet. I rarely use my Birkin in Scandinavia and save it for trips abroad. The bag I use all the time is my YSL Mombasa. Great functional bag that goes with everything in my wardrobe.
  5. Damier Alma - Perfect! Now that is some awesome taste. Congratulations!
  6. I change my purse almost everyday. So,I use all of my bags at some point or another.Depends on the weather or occasion mostly. I don't feel guilty about buying a bag as long as I have worn it about 4 times. Sounds crazy, but that is my rationale for bags that sit.:lol:
  7. my fendi is too small to use as an everyday bag, and i don't use my icon messenger anymore, used to when i went to college, and i don't use my chanel or LV that much either, reserved for special occassions only. i mainly use my paddingtons and balenciagas everyday. i feel bad about the ones i don't use.
  8. I make it a habit to change my bags almost everyday, even when they don't match my outfits... LOL. There was a time when I went crazy and bought a bunch of vintage clutches on eBay... they're awesome but too small to carry most of the junk I haul around with me each day, so now I only use them for special occasions where my bf can carry my larger essentials and I just need to carry gum and lip gloss. :smile:
  9. It's a disturbing question because the answer is no - I have a new Chanel & LV that are sitting in dust bags while I carry my Audra and my Be&D Crawford - I always choose the best bag for the outfit/occassion and those two don't come up very often.
  10. Not really, at least not during the winter, Canadian weather will DESTORY bags ! But during the summer, I rock everything sometime.. but that's also probably because I don't have as many bags as some of you girls. ;)
  11. No :sad:
  12. serendipity3kb,
    It is funny you mention you have your LVs sit in the sun so the leather would darken. In my case, I try not to carry my LVs too much as I don't want my LVs leather to darken too much. I have seen some vintage LVs and the leather has gotten so dark (dark brown almost black) that the bags lose its attractiveness. If a geniune LV could keep the same new light leather look forever, I'd buy more and carry them often.
  13. What Balenciagas do you have?
  14. I don't use all my bags neither. In fact, I have 3 new bags with tags on them still in my closet! I've been using my Burberry barrel bag and my little Gucci bag quite alot these days. I'm saving the 3 new bags for the holiday parties. lol
  15. oops now balenciaga's plural, just one! here's a pic. i think it's the pewter one.


    you get to see what i carry in my bag too. :biggrin: i want a wine colored medium size one. but i heard the leather isn't as good this year?