Do you use all that you buy?

  1. On my way into work the other day, one of the local stations had a discussion about women spending money on things that they never wear or use. Vickie Locke, the morning host on STAR94 in Atlanta, read a story about how much women spend on things that they never end up wearing or using during their lifetime. I was astounded to learn that after all of the discussion with the others on the show it was $20,000! That is mind-boggling to me-but I know that I am guilty of doing this! How many others out there?:nuts:
  2. You are not the only one. Sadly I have stuff right now sitting in my closet I have not worn or used. Clothes, shoes, purses, and handbags. I better get to it, huh?
  3. Oh my I have SO many unused bags in my closet. Sometimes I take them out and look at them. I used to try to use all of them until I bought my she is all I ever use. I am sure once the love affair dies down a little I will use the others again.
  4. i wore them....
    at leadt my designer bags... i don't use my ordinary bags anymore because most of them are impulse buying and i don't feel like i have to use it because it's cheap.
    with designer bags, i feel guilty not using them
  5. I had to stop going to stores b/c I found myself just buying for the sake of buying. I have 6 commercial racks in our basement just filled with items.

    I do the same with handbags, jewelry, clothes, shoes. I'd say more than half of my wardrobe goes unworn. I basically live in jeans & a sweatshirt (preferrably "worn in") or jeans & one of hubby's button downs.

    I always found it ironic that back in college, I had 2 closets filled to the brim with clothing, etc. and I always felt like I had nothing to wear, but yet my roommate who had one very sparse closet always looked so put together. Go figure! :shrugs:
  6. i struggled with this up until recently, and now, only buy things i research and LOVE and know i will wear/carry for years, not just now. i spend a lot of money on shoes and bags specifically, but my most expensive pair of shoes i've already worn for two years and will continue to wear them for many more. i think the problem comes from buying things on sale, or impulse buying. i have a 24 hour rule now (don't buy for at least 24 hours after i first see the item) and i rarely buy anything on sale or anything that i can't wear NOW and in five years.

    and i don't have a lot of stuff - everything i own looks great on me, and i love it - so whatever i choose to wear/carry, i know i will look put together and be happy with it.

    just my .02! :smile:
  7. I use all my handbags and I use almost all of my clothes on a regular basis, except the coctail dresses. Luckily I've managed to wear them all at least twice, though, so I don't feel guilty about owning them.

    Back when I was in college my mom bought me a lovely formal dress and I forgot to pack it, so when I did go to a formal I had to rush out and buy something not near as nice. I never wore the other dress and felt so guilty that I've been areful about it since.
  8. areful = careful.
  9. I finally realized that the only things I don't use in my closet are the items that I never even tried on before I bought them. So, that teaches me a lesson about that.
  10. I've got a closet full of clothes I don't use and many I've never used but it's not like that with bags and shoes. Some I haven't used in a while but I always have a few in rotation so they will get their time :smile:
  11. I try to, but I have a few pairs of Diesel jeans that I haven't worn in a dog's age, so I am trying to decide if I should just hawk them on eBay. I have one Longchamp bag (I own five of the Pliage collection) which I have carried maybe five times, and I'm not crazy about it cuz it's a shoulder bag, so I will probably give that to a friend who loves it. I don't carry my LV Manhattan PM very much...I like a bit of a roomier bag so I mostly carry a Longchamp Le Pliage in 'M'. And I have WAY too much perfume, but go through phases where I will just use one of them for weeks on end!
  12. double post - sorry
  13. Same here. I'm bad about buying clothes because they're on sale and look cute on the rack. All too often, they're not nearly as cute on me when I get home.

    That reminds me. It's time to overhaul my closet and get rid of some of that stuff :yucky:
  14. I have a bunch....The more expensive things I use because I thought about them before I bought them. But alot of cheaper things-or things I bought on sale were impulse buys since I have this thing about going in a store and not buying something :push: I also have tons of things (mainly shoes) that I wore once and decided I didn't like. I just bought these boots on impulse in the beginning of december. They are really cute and they were really cheap, only $40. Yet I just haven't worn them yet. Maybe I'll make it a goal to wear them this week. :idea:
  15. I used to listen to *94 in the mornings! Now I listen to Q100, the Bert Show! Hehe that's all I had to say. =P