Do you use a separate coin purse for coins?


Dec 21, 2007
Behind a Cactus
I was wondering if some of you tpfers use separate coin purses for your coins instead of using the one your wallet comes with. My friend and I both have a LV pochette and as you know the vachetta leather is very light and will patina over time and she refuses to put her coins in the zip pouch for fear of it getting dirty :confused1: so she uses a separate coin purse. It seems like a hassle but can it really get that dirty inside? Mine is still pretty clean except for some dent marks the coin leaves but that goes away. My wallet is less than a year old though so I don't know how it will look over time.

I was wondering if anyone else does that with light colored lining and should I do that too?? She is trying to get me all worried like it is going to turn all black inside or something. I never really found any use for a coin purse since I already have a wallet. Just wanna know what you guys think?


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Jan 1, 2009
Pittsburgh, PA
I just bought a separate coin purse because depending on how my wallet was sitting in my bag the coins will pop out when I open the coin part of my wallet. Luckily the designers make a lot of cute coin purses too!


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Jun 21, 2008
I have in the past only because the change compartment has been small in my past wallets. My current wallet is a Coach Legacy and can carry quite a few coins. The inside is lined with the Legacy Stripe print (or whatever it is called.) There are some light colored panels and I did notice them getting a bit dingy, but its okay by me. Its a wallet it holds (dirty) money!


Nov 10, 2007
Oh, nooooooo. Way too much hassle for me. I always make sure my wallet has a coin compartment...I would hate to hold up a line somewhere because I had to put away my bills in one place and my coins in another. I rarely use cash, but when I do, it's usually because I'm in a hurry.

I could see using a coin purse if you were only keeping coins for vending machines or quarters for kids to put in game machines, or if you kept both your bills and coins in it. But otherwise, I think it would be a pain.

Your wallet has a coin compartment; you bought it to use, not to keep pristine forever. Plus, any dirtiness from the coins will be inside the change holder and not visible. I say use it! :smile:

I do like coin purses to organize other little items in my bags though.


Nov 2, 2008
I tried using a coin purse just for change, but it's hard and it holds up the line because I have to get the bills out, then the change. Now I only buy wallets that hold a good amount of change. And wallets are meant to hold change, wouldn't worry much about it.


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Feb 13, 2008
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I find it way too irritating to have to pull out a separate purse for coins, so I make sure any wallet I purchase has a decent coin pouch. I do like coin purses for other things though -- I currently keep one filled with travel packs of ibuprofen, cold medicine, Shout wipes, and hand wipes in whatever purse I'm carrying.


Jul 16, 2006
I use a coin purse to avoid getting out my wallet (fear of being robbed) when I'm travelling and feel like getting a candy bar from a vending machine. And it is quite handy to have some change on me in the library when I need to make copies of books.


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Jan 16, 2008
Brussels and Genova
Using a separate purse for coins reminds me of eldery ladies who spend at least half an hour at the cashier, first fumbling inside a wallet containing bills and then fumbling inside the coin purse, counting every single coin until they add up the whole amount. Once I was at a station and quite in a hurry to grab a coffee before my train left and I had one fo these ladies just before me who literally drove me nuts with her fishing inside her bag (because - obviously - she could not find the wallet and then purse with all the crap she had inside inside that bag) and then spent at least five minutes counting and re-counting those coins.

Bottom line: I carry everything in my wallet and make sure I can reach it without any problem :smile:


Jul 4, 2008
Most coin compartments in wallets seems way too small to bother with, i usually put extra cards in those. And yes I do use an extra coin purse for change. Coach makes good ones.


Nov 13, 2006
I always carry a coin purse and always have done. Apart from the poor coin organization in so many wallets, I need to accommodate lots of smaller denomination coins. These come in handy for buying papers, coffee, etc without using notes from my wallet.


May 5, 2008
Technology Row
I carry a separate coin purse for change because I'm able to carry more change that way. I don't want my wallet to loose its shape because of all the change. I also find the coin purse very convenient for the vending machines and if I need to take a toll road.