Do you use a purseket for your speedy 30?

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  1. Both my epi and perfo are never filled enough, so usually I have tons of little things (keys, phone,etc) just rolling around in there..I've heard about putting a lining so it doesn't sag, and I've done that to both of them..what I'm not sure about is if a pursket will make it easy or harder to access your things from the way the opening slits open..

    I saw a couple on Ebay and they looked really flimsy and soft, obviously they work well? I saw something that looked different but still unsure about it's funcinality for the speedy..
    Anyone use one, or have a solution, please share..TIA!

    Does this one look like a good idea? :confused1:
  2. I use one. It is a knockoff purseket that I got at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is nicely structured so it stays stiff and upright whether something is in it or not. It also has a little light on it which I like because sometimes I feel like I am looking into a black I don't think it is harder to access my things since I know exactly where I have put them when I use the organizer. I didn't like having a million things "floating" around in there. So with that and using my pochette and some smaller make up bags most things are at my fingertips and no searching.
  3. I m using one too! Though not the same one in your link. I love how the purseket keep my things organised!! I used to have problem searching my stuffs in speedy but the purseket took all of these problems away! I think it's a wonderful organiser ! :biggrin:
  4. I use a Large sized Chameleon, and I like it better than a purseket - the whole thing lifts in and out and has a bottom, so I can put stuff into it, and lift everything out together.
  5. I use a Medium Purseket in my Speedy 30. I love it. It's not flimsy, the fabric is put around what feels like a hard plastic sheet that is flexible.
  6. I have purseket and purse bright. I prefer the purse bright coz it's tighter than purseket!
  7. I don't use anything in my Speedy.
  8. I use the large in my speedy 30 bags.
  9. I use it (but not that one). I think it helps to maintain the shape of Speedy (for not sagging). I love it!!
  10. I do and I love it. Helps me keep everything very organized.
  11. I dont. I love the saggy look of my speedies:graucho:
  12. I don't use one, I have the cosmetique for my make-up, pochette for other misc. stuff and wapity for camera ... and with my wallet and sunglass case in there, everything pretty much stays where I put them.
  13. I have the large purseket for my speedy mini lin 30. It's great to hold cell phone, keys etc. and really works. Never would have heard about it if not for this forum!!
  14. i use a local version of the purseket, it's called Pockets. I like it cos it's cheap (less than US $10) and they have different sizes and designs/patterns to choose from:
  15. I use the purse brite in my speedy 30. It keeps the bag a little structured.